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1 hour ago, powderfreak said:

All I can think of are grocery stores saying “Halloween Candy just came in today” and the date is July 5th.


58 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

Don’t you live off the grid and in an area where nobody knows if it’s Taunton or Raynham? Can’t be that many kids. :lol: 


45 minutes ago, SouthCoastMA said:

mostly three-toed Hockomock swamp creatures and an occasional Big Foot

We get a surprising amount of kids for living in a fringe area of both towns :lol:.

Also, those pukwudgies down candy like you read about 

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As fake as its been... the heating cost is always real.

30/27 and frozen this evening.  The heat pump has been working very efficiently on these autumn nights.  Saves a decent amount of money compared to firing up the propane fed boiler to heat the place.

CEF at 33/32, looks to be crisp down in the CT River Valley too.

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Fake cold but very real in terms of heating costs.

It's the temperature it says it is.  Below freezing.  While at 1,500ft and the ski area base... those multi-million dollar homes aren't paying for that heat right now at 48 degrees.  They made the right investment.  Go for the hills where the nights are much warmer, in all seasons.

It's pretty wild how the valley bottom (living along the river bottom) sees such cold nighttime temperatures relative to the rest of the area.  MVL with 30F at the time of this screen grab.  Stagecoach Rd is generally around 1,000ft or higher to the west of RT 100 valley bottom.  Those lowest few hundred feet "pay" for their location.


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43 minutes ago, dendrite said:

Even Gene to my north is 45°. Us bottom dwellers will skyrocket this morning. 

One of biggest ranges I recall seeing here . I mean 450’ is really nothing . My lowest temp this fall has been 37. This by far will be latest freeze. Looks like maybe not until the week of Tgiving when we get real cold and CAA. 

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2 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

36 here but pretty frosty. I can see Kevin’s point. At my house my front has a torch of frost, but I can see yards just slightly lower in elevation that are frosted white. As fake as can be. 

I just went to grocery store which was another 250’ drop. 

45.4 at my house. At 820’ where my road hits route 74 was 35 with light frost. The green at 650’ was 31 with thick frost. The store at 400’ was 29 and looked like Iceland. 

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