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  1. Rangeley Maine getting 12+ on top of the 10+ from Saturday on top of the 6"+ Thursday = NO DECK
  2. Any observations on the snow heading east in central Ct right now.
  3. Maybe 1" in Coventry Reports of Several Multi car Accidents including a jacked knifed Tractor Trailer on 95 S West Greenwich south is mess.
  4. LL COTE in Errol http://www2.llcote.com/webcam.php
  5. Twin Mt has been donut holed the last several years.
  6. 5.5" as of 3:15 last 60 minutes 1.5"
  7. Solid 4 and that was at 8 am still snowing good .
  8. about 3.5" so far and most of that's since 545am do the math per hour.
  9. down to 31 in Pittsburg, wind is blowing 35-45 here on the hill in Rangeley
  10. 36 and temps are dropping. Some winter returns on radar Rangeley Maine
  11. over the hill at Bosebuck camps 1/2 way between here and the Burg
  12. currently really clearing up
  13. I'm sitting in the condo looking out over Rangeley lake, sleeted most of night but went to rain now. no loss clouds are breakingup Yesterday 330 pm