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  1. central ri picking up after a slow few hours
  2. Death due to tree fall http://www.wfsb.com/story/36301022/1-dead-after-tree-falls-on-car-on-college-campus-in-new-london#.WbARjgjAndo.facebook
  3. http://whitemountainsojourn.blogspot.com/2012/05/5-24-12-tuckerman-ravine-june-17-1969.html
  4. We are going bald in West Greenwich RI. Its like October on the ground just bits of green leaves falling.
  5. April 2013 and today May 2017.
  6. 5/8/2017
  7. Twin Mt NH 1.5" as of 7:30 am April fools........................
  8. West Greenwich/ CT border
  9. Cell just passed central RI, lots of thunder and a few good crack of lightning black as night and over in 5 minutes
  10. Pittsburg NH picked up 3"
  11. Rangeley Maine getting 12+ on top of the 10+ from Saturday on top of the 6"+ Thursday = NO DECK
  12. Any observations on the snow heading east in central Ct right now.
  13. Maybe 1" in Coventry Reports of Several Multi car Accidents including a jacked knifed Tractor Trailer on 95 S West Greenwich south is mess.