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  1. 2.4" and counting
  2. We are going bald in West Greenwich RI. Its like October on the ground just bits of green leaves falling.
  3. April 2013 and today May 2017.
  4. 5/8/2017
  5. Twin Mt NH 1.5" as of 7:30 am April fools........................
  6. West Greenwich/ CT border
  7. Cell just passed central RI, lots of thunder and a few good crack of lightning black as night and over in 5 minutes
  8. Pittsburg NH picked up 3"
  9. Rangeley Maine getting 12+ on top of the 10+ from Saturday on top of the 6"+ Thursday = NO DECK
  10. Any observations on the snow heading east in central Ct right now.
  11. Maybe 1" in Coventry Reports of Several Multi car Accidents including a jacked knifed Tractor Trailer on 95 S West Greenwich south is mess.
  12. LL COTE in Errol http://www2.llcote.com/webcam.php
  13. Twin Mt has been donut holed the last several years.