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Ridiculous amount of lightning and thunder from this storm crashing through Old Lyme right now.

Yeah this is crazy and unexpected. Been going on for over 2 hours here in Clinton with only a brief lull. One of the most intense lightning storms I can remember here. Not much sleep happening in the house tonight.
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6 hours ago, dendrite said:

Leading off all of these games to get extra ABs to break the record, yet Boone can't let Severino go another 2 IP for a no-no.

Sevi has been hurt so often . As well as he’s been pitching since he’s been back , and with all the bullpen injuries going into the postseason it was a no brainer . No need to risk him getting injured . He just came back two weeks ago and is building arm strength back up. They need him to be healthy . I’m not a huge Boone fan. But in  this case it was the right call. 

BTW.. Verlander has gotten pulled in 3 of last 6 starts with a no hitter. 

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1 hour ago, CoastalWx said:

Wind contaminated here, but looks like 1.75” or so. Others near me close to 2”.  Didn’t expect that. 

WTTY. Rough month for you. Ian into the Panhandle and selling any model with decent rains. Hopefully you will recover by winter.

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