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Ridiculous amount of lightning and thunder from this storm crashing through Old Lyme right now.

Yeah this is crazy and unexpected. Been going on for over 2 hours here in Clinton with only a brief lull. One of the most intense lightning storms I can remember here. Not much sleep happening in the house tonight.
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6 hours ago, dendrite said:

Leading off all of these games to get extra ABs to break the record, yet Boone can't let Severino go another 2 IP for a no-no.

Sevi has been hurt so often . As well as he’s been pitching since he’s been back , and with all the bullpen injuries going into the postseason it was a no brainer . No need to risk him getting injured . He just came back two weeks ago and is building arm strength back up. They need him to be healthy . I’m not a huge Boone fan. But in  this case it was the right call. 

BTW.. Verlander has gotten pulled in 3 of last 6 starts with a no hitter. 

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