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TD 9/Ian Banter


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Well obviously we have never really done that, so no. But think about it. Imagine warning a whole cone with 10s of millions of people needing to evacuate when maybe 10% experience hurricane conditions worthy of evacuating. The congestion on the highways......where are these people going to stay and go to? Who can accommodate such a mass exodus? 


And then there is the fall out regarding boy whole cried wolf syndrome.

That is not science at all. 


I'm not advocating evacuating the entire cone. If someone lives within expected storm surge elevation and is sufficiently close enough to the coast for it to be possible, AND they're within the statistically likely area of landfall as outlined by historical data analysis (ie the "cone") -- then they should be warned at 36 hours out. That's all I'm saying.

There's no reason for one public facing data product to say "you're in danger" and another product to say "you're probably ok." Not when the stakes are so high. Surely we can agree on that, at least.


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1 hour ago, NeffsvilleWx said:

873 posts and a 5 year old account make me doubt that this was the process you used to find this thread.

No one... I mean absolutely no one... should be using social media to make decisions. We have an entire agency devoted to providing that information. This place is for the average person to discuss the weather, it's impacts, and related topics. It so happens that a few mets have nothing better to do with their time and like to join in, too. It gets off topic at times. Cope. No one is forcing you to be here.

Imagine complaining about "dirtying" up a thread while.... being guilty of the same. :blink:

Imagine having to imagine this

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48 minutes ago, Hotair said:

Just saw drone video footage of homes in both Sanibel and in Cape Coral.  A surprising number of homes look intact.  A testament to the Florida building codes.  As for water damage from surge flooding that’s a different story altogether.  

Andrew’s only gift to Florida is the new building codes it created.  Regarding Ian, it’s structure is that of a superstorm or intense extra tropical low.  Is it possible for Ian to attain category 2/3 intensity with such a structure?  Would like a Mets thoughts

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7 hours ago, lilj4425 said:

Today’s Jeopardy question: 

What happens when we destroy wetlands and build homes right up against the beach in hurricane prone areas? 

What is Ian?

Seriously.  FMB is a narrow ass sand bar.  A typical run of the mill noreaster would cause issues there.  I feel bad, but some areas just shouldn't be rebuilt. 

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