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  1. 79 degrees at 2 am right now with a dew point of 72 so it feels way way hotter than that
  2. Was curious how many times the temp has gotten over 90 degrees this year since April and so far I'm at 26 days at 90 or above
  3. Had to drive around 11 am and it honestly wasn't bad with the windows down
  4. Oof the dew point is vicious out there right now. 73 DP right now over here
  5. Does anyone know what's with the system to our west? It almost reminds me of a derecho. It's supposed to come over to our part of PA later. I thought it wasn't supposed to rain this evening?
  6. The low temp on sunday is supposed to be around 80 degrees. I hope you all have air conditioning lol
  7. It looks like some places might crush their record high temp on Sunday. I know over here in Enola the record high was 96 and it might hit 99 that day. Though to be fair that record of 96 is the lowest record high for July so it wasn't going to be that hard to beat
  8. Personally I've noticed I've had to keep my ac in multiple times into October and even halfway through October more recently. Before the 2010's I always took them out in early-mid September. Just the past few years alone there were extended stretches of days with lows in the high 60s/low 70s in October which is kinda crazy lol
  9. The next 6 days are looking pretty toasty in the low to mid 90s
  10. Temp is increasing over here. It's 87 with a DP of 72. It's also starting to get cloudy again
  11. Sun came out here earlier for a bit I will say though that that dew point of 72 is brutal though. It feels awful out there despite it being 85
  12. And as quickly as it started the suns back out lol Though it does look like there's another cell making its way over here potentially
  13. We just had a storm appear out of nowhere. I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today lol. Everything is drenched
  14. Last night wasn't too bad temp wise. Got down to 62 in the early morning but didn't last for too long
  15. Bring on the heat tbh. It'll make everything after that feel a thousand times better
  16. Yeah we're getting hammered here right now.
  17. Yeah thinking the same thing honestly. I feel like we'll get hit a little bit but probably nothing too insane
  18. Wow all those storms just sprung to life lol
  19. Can't ask for a better cool morning like this
  20. That's how it feels to me too. I can barely remember any times in the second half of June where it was cool with low dew points and super windy like this. It reminds me of winter or early spring
  21. Next 3 days look gorgeous. Don't think you can ask for better with low-mid 70s, low dew points and sun. Well besides it being a bit windy otherwise it'd be perfect
  22. Good thing it happened later at night and not earlier or the next day. I was talking to my dad and he said he saw the power was out there in summerdale. Not sure why enola faired better but those storms must have caused some issues. I know Marysville had damage so it might have been related I feel
  23. Lost power here 3 times just now. 3rd time it was out for a few minutes. I almost never lose power here and can count the amount of times on one hand. Those storms must have really messed up stuff
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