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  1. Near record lows this morning. Pretty impressive. Even more extreme considering how warm the first 2 weeks of November were and then we headed straight into record cold territory
  2. I can't imagine trying to keep up on all that lake effect snow lol
  3. Really wasn't expecting it to lay on the roads here but they finally caved. Still coming down really hard. Grass is almost fully covered
  4. I'm not feeling too confident about seeing anything accumulating anywhere in my neck of the woods but hopefully I'm wrong. I just feel like it's going to be too warm over here
  5. Going from a warmish October and a very warm first 2 weeks of November along with the remnants of a hurricane moving through here just a few days ago to instantly going to potential snow is kind of a shock. I'm actually glad it feels more like November now. I was not enjoying that night where it only got down to 66 lol
  6. Regardless how ugly and weak it is this is extremely impressive to even have us tracking a landfalling hurricane in November, and on the Florida east coast of all places
  7. It's kinda crazy to me we might get rain from the tropical system that strikes Florida in a few days. After it makes landfall it's supposed to go up the coast. Can't really remember many tropical systems effecting us in November even if it'll most likely transition when it's heading up here
  8. It's raining right now and there's no rain anywhere near here on the radar. None in PA at all anywhere. The closest is some rain far into New York. Is it weird to have it raining without it showing up on radar?
  9. Oof. My dad's getting his order of coal in for his soon. Hoping it's not that much of an increase for him :/
  10. They're just looking for any excuse so they don't have to blame themselves. There's pretty much no difference between a 155mph category 4 and a 160mph category 5 hurricane. Plus just knowing the category number isn't always enough information of what you should do or how you should prepare. This is just them refusing to admit their mistakes and the fact they didn't bother to look at information of what this storm was capable of.
  11. What doesn't help is we had a period of 10 years during 2006-2016 where we had zero Category 3 or higher storms make landfall anywhere in the US. That was the longest stretch in recorded history. I feel that also helped lull people into a false sense of security.
  12. Wind field of Ian is absolutely massive
  13. Yeah the frictional effects can cause the eye and movement of the storm to dance it and act wonky sometimes. We've seen this plenty of times with hurricanes around the Caribbean islands
  14. 12z Euro looks like it still wants to run it along the coast after exiting Florida but this time straight into the Carolina's and up into PA.
  15. Latest run of the Euro is pretty interesting for Invest 98L for us. Shows it pulling off something similar to Irene with it hugging the coast as a 953mb hurricane as it heads north into Long Island weakening to 980mb lol 0z GFS is still showing remnants of the storm getting up into our area. Looking good that we might get some rain out of this potentially
  16. Really not sure why anyone thought this had a chance of getting anywhere close to Texas lmao. Ensembles even have this going east of Florida now but I think they're over correcting way too east
  17. I like how The Weather Channel is basically denying you access to the site now if you use an adblocker. It's like they don't realize there's dozens of other better sites to go check your weather on lol. It's kinda funny because Wunderground doesn't do that despite being owned by them as well. Like I'm all for supporting sites with their ads as long as the ads aren't intrusive or harmful but it's just funny how they think that's going to make people switch them off
  18. That would almost be a repeat of Ida if that were to pan out. GFS and Euro really likes to bring this thing up near us run after run. Both want to turn this into a monster storm so there should be a huge rain shield attached to it regardless. Also depends if it doesn't die inland. 0z GFS and Euro show this thing getting into our neck of the woods and interacting with the trough near us so that might be interesting
  19. Really disappointed in the line that went through earlier. Looks like places north got hit harder
  20. Japan just only recently started to let their borders open again and there's still some restrictions currently. Things like bands are allowed since it's not considered tourism. But if you're a tourist which Josh would be considered by them that's probably why he still wasn't allowed in. Shouldn't be much longer though before they let everyone back in and then he should be able to do it there again
  21. The nice thing about these warm days is the nights are actually really cool and decent. Then after that we should go into the 50's and 40's for low temps
  22. I was in Central PA when Irene hit as a cat 1 and I still lost power despite it just being tropical storm force winds lol. People really underestimate lower end storms
  23. Hey even I have my limits. I'm 100% turning mine on today lmao
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