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  1. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA Fall 2018

    If Florence stalls out and dies in north carolina and virginia then we probably won't see too much rain from it I'd think. Couldn't imagine what would happen if it came up here after getting all of this rain from gordon ontop of the record rain we've had all year and all summer.
  2. TheDreamTraveler

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Looks like 0z euro has Florence caught under the ridge and pushed west into the carolinas.
  3. TheDreamTraveler

    Spring 2018

    What's more worrying is some mets are saying that this same pattern might set up sometime next week. If that happens then I think things could get a lot worse.
  4. TheDreamTraveler

    Spring 2018

    It's been pretty bad. Can't remember anything like this since 2011. My pool is about to overflow lol
  5. TheDreamTraveler

    Spring 2018

    Yeah this is really starting to remind me of the September 2011 flooding. Do any of you think this will get close to the top 3 worst flooding for our area? I know the 2011 flooding was the 3rd worst ever.
  6. TheDreamTraveler

    Spring 2018

    Pretty crazy rainfall amounts...some places in Cumberland county got 6 inches. And there's more coming. I had a big thunderstorm come by earlier in the evening and now there's another cluster around Harrisburg. Also the risk of heavy rainfall is pretty high in south and central PA for the next few days...
  7. TheDreamTraveler

    Spring 2018

    Looking at some of the damage it definitely looks like it was a pretty potent tornado. It had to have been AT LEAST a EF1 tornado...possibly a EF2. Hopefully you guys are alright up there and nobody got hurt that badly or died.
  8. TheDreamTraveler

    Spring 2018

    You definitely did. We had a couple huge old trees uprooted. Me and my dad were cutting them down and trying to salvage them yesterday. It kinda sucks because they use the trees for privacy in their backyard. Also had a neighbors boat ram into my dads truck and scratch the entire side and crack his mirror. Oh and our other neighbors fence around their pool got completely ripped up.
  9. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA - March 2018

    Euro looks awesome. Really hoping those totals turn out right.
  10. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA - March 2018

    I was afraid we bust...still afraid that we might. But I'm having a better feeling now that some of the best snow might be over south central PA and the mason dixon line. That gradient is super tight to the north, thats for sure. It kinda reminds me of the Jan 2016 blizzard because of that. Here around Harrisburg it was a none event yesterday compared to York. Got maybe 3 inches of snow at most. Here's hoping later today it makes up for it.
  11. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA - March 2018

    Isn't the nam a lot more reliable 24 hours out or not? Those amounts look unreal.