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  1. It's 78 degrees with a dew point of 71 at 2:30 am...I can't imagine anyone without ac sleeping pleasantly tonight
  2. This feels like one of the worst days of the year so far lol...92 here and it feels like 97 There's a small chance of thunderstorms today too...I doubt most places see anything but I have seen a few pop up storms across the state so far today
  3. Wasn't kidding about how humid it was supposed to get today lol. dew point is 65 right now
  4. One of my friends had to make sure one of their tiny dogs didn't get taken from giant birds. I was gonna say one of them actually did get taken but I feel like I'm misremembering so I don't want to put false info out there lol I just know something really bizarre happened to one of them and they have no idea what happened to it
  5. Looks like some of us might actually get some thunderstorms finally lol
  6. I was saying to someone how it's barely thunderstormed all month...what's funny is I was thinking how we were gonna pay somehow for the record rainfall in 2018-2019.
  7. Nice thing about these past few days is it's been really cool at night
  8. same over here. also got a lot cooler too also next week looks like we get multiple days that might approach 90 or more...probably gonna have to put the ac's in despite how much i dont want to yet. i prefer just having fresh air come in with the house fan on instead of being cooped up inside with the ac lol
  9. I hope this year isn't dry. The lack of thunderstorms was depressing last year. After may we had barely anything. I remember reading last year was the least amount of lightning ever recorded in the US in history
  10. You know what I hate? I hate it when you get a cold snap for 1-2 weeks and then you only get a few days of more average weather until you're hit with extreme heat. Those temps are looking godawful next week Well the past week or two hasn't been a cold snap but definitely 5-10 degrees below average. And then boom we go 10-18 above average with no inbetween
  11. Next week is looking a lot more toasty than I thought lol
  12. I know some of you can't stand extreme heat but I'm weird and like it sometimes...just as long as it's not like that the entire summer. There's just something fun about it getting that hot and having to go into the pool or find some nice ac or other way to get cool. Maybe it's just a nostalgia thing from when it'd get hot as a kid lol because regardless of how much I might like that stuff I would never wish a night temp in the high 70s with extreme humidity on anyone because that stuff is just torture if you don't have any type of cooling
  13. I wouldn't say it's a mystery. It could be as simple as that community wearing masks and following guidelines more than others if they aren't vaccinated which would be keeping their numbers down. Also 1/3 of the country being vaccinated does help tons of communities even if those vaccinated people all aren't in one spot together since it means there's less people the virus can jump to and continue spreading so it limits how far it can travel compared to previously.
  14. I haven't heard about it but if it's the johnson&johnson vaccine that's because it's only 66% effective and that's after a certain amount of time has passed. Honestly if any of you get a vaccine I'd stay away from that one lol. The moderna and pfizer mrna vaccines are over 90% effective and apparently less side effects from what I've seen. My friend and grandpa got it a while ago and basically had no issues except my friend having a slightly sore arm I also wouldn't trust J&J considering they knowingly had cancer causing materials in their baby powder for decades and didn't do anything until recently being sued. There's a reason the original formula has been banned in other countries for decades lol Forgot I should add you can catch covid with being vaccinated but as long as you're asymptomatic there's a low chance you'll spread it to other people. So it's honestly not that bad but I've been pretty vocal about my feelings on the J&J vaccine elsewhere especially after the blood clotting stuff in 6 women. But apparently that seems linked to a birth control medication which would make sense why all of them were women.
  15. It wasn't windy out earlier when I was out but I noticed once it got cloudy out it picked up. Looks like there's some light rain on the radar nearby too