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  1. Looks like we got close to half an inch here. I'll take it considering this is the first snow of the season here lol
  2. I feel like we see snow on the models 1-2 weeks out and then it never materializes every week lol. Hopefully one of these times it actually happens. Our average first snow isn't until mid december so we shouldn't have much longer to go I think
  3. I wonder how long it's been since we've had a period this inactive in the atlantic? I know if Wanda hadn't formed it would have been the first October to have no storm formations since 1994 which was a year before the current active phase of the atlantic started
  4. Harrisburg will probably reach 70 again tomorrow. Earlier today was just gorgeous out and the next 2 days look it too. Still hating how early it's getting but the nice day made me forget about it lol
  5. Didn't even notice I was a degree away from tying the record low lastnight. Was 26 with the record being 25
  6. Yeah I'm sad I can't see them either. It's something I've always wanted to see once in my life.
  7. Maybe this is a good sign for this winter. We've got another noreaster coming after this. Hopefully these powerful storms help change up the pattern a bit
  8. Oh wow I was so absorbed in this noreaster I didn't even realize a lot of places might blast through their record highs today. My towns record high of 75 might get stomped by it being 77 later today
  9. I won't talk too much about this but 0z Euro seems to really like keeping the noreaster close to the coast
  10. I'm surprised barely anyone is talking about our first noreaster. I know it's not going to snow here but we might have potential for some rain and wind. Really depends how close it can get. Regardless the formation of this storm is going to be extremely fun to watch because it might transition to a hybrid There's still a lot of disagreement from the models where the heavy rains and wind are but the nam completely destroys Jersey and gets some heavy rains towards us
  11. The noreaster on the 27th is looking pretty interesting. Basically bombs out and becomes huge with 70+mph gusts and 5-8 inches of rain over NE. Over here we might get some effects. I'm kinda curious if this could end up getting named Wanda at some point lol It actually takes a slightly similar path and loop as the perfect storm in 1991
  12. I'm glad we finally got a chilly fall day even though it's lightly raining off and on. Though 56 isn't that far off from where it should be at this time lol I'm just annoyed most of the month felt like early september instead. I was dreading the first 2 weeks of october being like the other few times from the past few years but it was worse than I imagined and won't stop lol
  13. I'm wondering if this'll be the warmest October on record? The first half was already the warmest on record and the 2nd half doesn't look like it'll cool down much with temps either hovering around average or above. Low temps are obviously higher than normal like they've been for years now so that'll play a key factor into it as well.
  14. Today felt amazing. Maybe now the trees around here will start turning color. My parents giant tree in their backyard has not turned color at all and we're almost in the peak for foliage
  15. There's a ton of millienials that love following the weather. I only know that because I am one and know others that do lol. A lot of them just don't use forums like these anymore to discuss about it
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