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  1. Snow is barely even falling here now and it was already pretty slow for a few hours :\ Actually I looked on radar and it's completely stopped. It started really breaking up south of us. I haven't measured but it looks like there's barely 2 inches out there. Warning criteria for here was 4-6 inches.
  2. After this potential snow it's looking like it's going to stay pretty warm for the next week or two.
  3. It was gorgeous today. Almost got to 60. Saw people taking walks wearing nothing but t-shirts. Here's hoping we get one or two more decently sizes snowstorms before spring officially arrives.
  4. The next couple days of 40's and 50's are gonna feel sooo nice. I was hoping we would have gotten close to 60 on tuesday but doesn't look like it's happening. Can't complain though, I'll take a couple nice days after this brutal cold.
  5. Remember? I'll never forget it. It's not every decade you get a almost 3 foot snowstorm...I was still too young to remember the '96 blizzard that much besides some pictures my parents took.
  6. Well it looks like the rain is washing all the snow and ice off of everything, which is great because winds are supposed to be 20-30mph later today. Power outages are probably going to be worse in true central.
  7. I don't think I've ever see a wind chill of -22 for Harrisburg. Maybe back in the early 90s when I was a little kid but I was too young to remember that.
  8. Everything is gonna be a block of ice tomorrow night lmao
  9. It changed back to snow completely here. Guess it's not over yet lol
  10. It drops below freezing by noon tomorrow and then keeps dropping after that. I'm probably gonna shovel around that time or a little before.
  11. Looks like it's turned to rain completely here in Enola.
  12. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    How is the ice threat looking? The WSW is calling for 0.10-0.20 of ice accumulation instead of the 0.25 they were saying the other day.
  13. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    33 near Harrisburg...It's definitely going to be close. I feel like most of the models will be right with the quicker changeover to mixed percip. I guess all that matters is how heavy the rates are before that happens. Here's hoping I guess lol
  14. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    Well if that isn't the most immature thing I've ever seen. Not saying the euro is wrong this far out...but totally irresponsible to show it like this.
  15. TheDreamTraveler

    Central PA Fall 2018

    It's pretty crazy to get 2 of the wettest years on record in a span of 7 years considering some records go back over 100 years. I was thinking about that since it's raining nonstop yet again and my yard is turning into a mudslide.