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  1. I had the most amazing lightning show on saturday. I was right on the edge of one of the storms and you could see these crazy lightning strikes all over the clouds right next to a clear blue sky. It was stunning. The lightning was going off 5-6 times per second.
  2. Definitely. It's actually scary that so many people will distort reality in favor of anything the president says. These things have been happening to other communities and areas of the country since this administration took office. It's only when he targeted meteorologists, NWS and the weather community that some people finally realized what Trump and his administration have been doing. For anyone complaining why everyone is making a big deal about this...if we sit idly by and say and do nothing then this will become the norm.
  3. Well after seeing everything in this video I'm starting to believe it's probably in the thousands. I keep forgetting it stalled out over the bahamas and barely lost strength until upwelling finally effected it. Seeing the concrete structures completely destroyed is beyond words. At least when Maria hit Puerto Rico it was moving through at a decent clip. They just got hammered by winds nonstop for over 24 hours.
  4. Yeah I was afraid of that...Puerto Rico's death toll was 3057 from Maria and they had almost 4 million people on that island. Surpassing 3000 seems even worse considering how small the populations of Grand Bahama and Abacos are :\ Actually gonna edit this cause you said that was from BahamaPress. Looking at their tweets they seem like sensationalists and were saying a lot of outlandish things before. So I wouldn't really trust them to accurately report anything like that. Not saying they're wrong, just slightly skeptical of their death toll.
  5. Juan hit 16 years ago. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of new weak trees that would get taken down. Weren't there a few people here a few days ago saying that Dorian wouldn't have a pressure this low that far north?
  6. He's actually defending this? My god. That goon blocked me on twitter months ago because he couldn't handle the truth of what I was saying in response to one of his political tweets lol. Doesn't surprise me sadly. He's a smart guy...when he wants to be.
  7. You would think with a potential cat 3 possibly making a direct landfall on North Carolina that more people would be talking about it. Hurricane Fran in 1996 was the last major hurricane to strike the Carolinas so this is pretty rare. If the storm stays together long enough it could be a problem. 18z Euro shows this making direct landfall in NC. The eye is so huge at this point that it doesn't even need to make direct landfall for it to cause decent impacts well inland.
  8. You're not wrong. This is exactly how most of the powerful New England cat 3's and 4's made landfall. Their forward speed was 30+ mph as they came up the coast so they didn't have time to interact with the cooler waters etc. Dorian is going to struggle the rest of its life up the coast. Maybe a bit of strengthening due to the gulf stream but that's gonna be it. Too many negatives are coming with shear, dry air, and the core being weakened.
  9. Wouldn't this be the third year in a row we've had a hurricane stall out for days and dump ungodly amounts of rain on someone? Harvey in 2017, Florence in 2018 and now Dorian.
  10. It's supposed to transition to extratropical by the time it gets up there but it'll still be pretty formidable I would think. I'm wondering if it ends up worse than Juan, Igor etc.
  11. Not saying you're wrong but isn't the dead middle of summer like almost a month ago?
  12. I can't imagine being in the Bahamas right now...just nonstop cat 4/5 winds for over 24 hours straight. Unreal.
  13. That was some crazy thunder and lightning around 6 am. Thunder sounded way different than anything I've heard all year unless I'm just imagining things but it did wake me up. In my dreams it was thunderstorming since I was hearing it before I woke up lol Oh yeah, I remember Irene pretty vividly. For it being right off the coast we still lost power here for a few hours late at night. Winds were pretty impressive imo. I don't think we'll see much from Dorian except maybe one or two outer bands if it's close enough. If it hugs the coast then it could impact New England/Maine and Nova Scotia especially. But by that time it'd be transitioning to extratropical.
  14. Any small deviations like this are going to matter a lot.