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  1. Really windy out here right now. Also pretty shocked at how fast everything has grown the past few weeks. Everythings in bloom. I'm even hearing toads nonstop all night. No crickets just toads lol
  2. It's STILL raining...
  3. Really looking forward to the next 2 days of mid 60's. Especially after we had that one day last week bust where it was 15 degrees cooler than it was supposed to be.
  4. Still 42 here lol
  5. Yeah I can't imagine how bad a huge tornado like that might be. The EF1 that came by my house last may had some of the craziest winds I've ever seen. There was a ton of damage. I can't imagine going through something stronger than that.
  6. It's a great place. I used to work at that exact one lol. But yeah, snow still isn't sticking over here yet. I gotta go out at 9:30 tonight so that's gonna be fun.
  7. Snow finally starting here. It's just funny watching it snow while all the previous snow is melting away at the same time lol
  8. It's gonna be hard for this to accumulate until the sun goes down or if we get fast rates. Everything is in heavy melt mode right now.
  9. Yeah this wind is pretty bad. My one friend who works overnight has lost power for the past 3 hours now. Normally they'd have power back up instantly when it goes down but it must be pretty bad out there...
  10. So what are the odds this turns into a big ice storm? They're already calling for 0.25in around harrisburg. I hate ice. I have a friend who used to live in missouri that lost power for a month because of a crippling ice storm. Hoping nothing like that happens here lol Edit: Didn't see the post above lol since I wrote that post out a while ago. Yeah looking like the ice threat could be bad.
  11. Snow is barely even falling here now and it was already pretty slow for a few hours :\ Actually I looked on radar and it's completely stopped. It started really breaking up south of us. I haven't measured but it looks like there's barely 2 inches out there. Warning criteria for here was 4-6 inches.
  12. After this potential snow it's looking like it's going to stay pretty warm for the next week or two.
  13. It was gorgeous today. Almost got to 60. Saw people taking walks wearing nothing but t-shirts. Here's hoping we get one or two more decently sizes snowstorms before spring officially arrives.
  14. The next couple days of 40's and 50's are gonna feel sooo nice. I was hoping we would have gotten close to 60 on tuesday but doesn't look like it's happening. Can't complain though, I'll take a couple nice days after this brutal cold.
  15. Remember? I'll never forget it. It's not every decade you get a almost 3 foot snowstorm...I was still too young to remember the '96 blizzard that much besides some pictures my parents took.