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  1. I expected it to let up in the summer due to the spread being limited because of temp, humidity and uv rays. We're probably going to go back to closures once october rolls around. And if we aren't taking precautions and all wearing masks it'll probably be worse than it was this spring. I'm not saying nobody will get covid in the summer but it'll be rarer just like the cold/flu. Back in 2009 my friends dad got swine flu in August lol so it's still a possibility but luckily swine flu was no worse than the normal flu.
  2. A lot of places smashed their daytime minimum records. Harrisburg's coldest high temp in history for the entire month of May was 48 in 1947. I don't think it got over 45 today...
  3. Right inbetween the Weis and Giant in Enola lol. I was in so much shock I almost wanted to start recording a video of it while I was sitting there at the light lol
  4. I drove through one of the craziest snow squalls I've seen in a while. Snowing sideways super hard that the mountains were completely whited out. I've never seen anything like this so far into spring. It was so cold out but when I got into my car it was way too hot due to the May sun angle. Basically felt like how hot my car gets outside in the sun in the summer yet the outside felt like January despite everything being green or blooming lmao After I drove out of the squall I started seeing bugs out lol
  5. Well I never expected to see it snowing at 2 pm on May 9th...
  6. There's snow appearing on the radar around Harrisburg lol. Not seeing any falling but still that's crazy impressive down here for May
  7. High tomorrow is 47. NWS said Harrisburg has never had a temp that low during the day in May. The previous record was 48. That's kinda crazy...
  8. Yeah, if we don't get a vaccine in the next year or so or find any type of cure then I don't see how we'll be able to handle doing this for years. We might have to end up letting it spread and herd immunity taking over and that's only the last resort option we should choose because the amount of deaths would be astronomical in that case :\ I'll stop talking about this since it's cluttering up the weather talk.
  9. Oh I hate this just as much as you do. I don't want the economy closed, nobody does. I mean I've seen a few people outright say they'd rather open everything back up now and let people die just for the economy. I think the decision for places to start opening back up starting Mid-May is a smart one because I think we can open a big portion of the economy during the summer. But once we get deep into September what do you think will happen? Cold and Flu seasons start ramping back up and so will coronavirus. Except this time Covid will be even worse than it was this year because it's now firmly established in society and will have a full season to wreck havoc. Imagine what would happen if we don't close anything down or take preventive measures next winter? I'm not looking forward to it either.
  10. I should ask...why do you think a lot of hospitals in lower populated areas are half empty right now? It wouldn't be because of the school and business closures? Or the quarantining and stay at home orders etc...? I could go on. You take those away too soon and you repeat history just like the Spanish flu of 1918/19... But yeah everything is completely SOAKED out there right now. I also heard this May might be a lot cooler than average which kinda sucks...especially right now a hot humid May would be great for what we've been experiencing the past few months :\
  11. This is how it should be this time of year. Beautiful out except for some cloudiness. This cold april and really warm winter made it feel like it's been March for 6 months straight now.
  12. It feels like winter came back. How in the hell is it almost may lmao
  13. It's a saving grace that the peak was delayed for central PA. If the state and the people here weren't doing what we're doing the spread and the overwhelming of hospitals would be way worse over here. I mentioned my cousins in law's parents both from Lancaster going into ICU both on ventilators in early April. Well...the mom was finally released. The dad was taken off a ventilator because he wasn't getting any better. I assume that means he's going to die since that was the only thing keeping him alive. They gave his ventilator to someone else who's more likely to survive from one. This whole situation is sad and anyone who isn't taking it seriously is ignorant. Some people don't care until it hits someone they really care about.