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  1. Parts of the mid atlantic and northeast were already on their way to experiencing once of their rainiest years on record even before Irene came along...Isaias will definitely be different when it coasts up the coast. Wasn't as strong and the areas its rains will hit are in a drought.
  2. Yeah 18mph is pretty fast. Right before the approach it was moving at 23mph which is extremely fast.
  3. I can guarantee you if Isaias was a better put together system with a decent core moving directly over Hispaniola that it would have weakened right now instead of strengthen. The fact it was a large broad disorganized mess and moving at 18mph also helped I think. There's probably a bit more at play here too. Hispaniola can be tricky with weaker storms and how exactly they travel through the island
  4. I'm glad you'd rather people die. Good on you. If death comes for you and your family I bet you'll sing a different tune. You have to strike a balance. Look at Japan. They were able to keep stylists and other small businesses open but everyone wore masks and were considerate of not spreading it. If we all did this here we could keep everything open in a limited capacity. Same with South Korea. Even the EU countries have faired better than us in terms of limiting spread and opening things back up because there's not so much misinformation being spread in those countries to get their citizens killed. Currently I've had a fever off and on the past few days after seeing my sister who had a temp a week before after I talked with her. I haven't been sick in almost 2 years and it's been almost a decade since I've been sick in the summer. I also never get fevers. I just assumed it was something else the past few days but haven't felt right at all with my body temp going out of whack off and on. I feel better than feel sick again constantly. I got my car inspected yesterday and it was the first time I forgot to wear a mask around people in public that weren't people that live with me. So hope nothing bad happens to them. But yeah gonna get tested tomorrow so I'll let you guys know. My moms been coughing up a storm but refuses to get tested and thinks it's nothing serious lol. My sister is a big liar so I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about having it since she likes to give her daughter to my mom every weekend. Tons of history there I won't go into but my sister and her husband are pieces of shit. Reason why I think I got it from her? Spoke with her a ton not long after she had a temp herself and then a week later I started getting one. Seriously if I can't get myself cooled down in a tank top, pants off and air conditioning blaring at night then I'm going to suffer if it hits 100 twice this weekend lmao...well unless I get chills instead of hot flashes but I've been getting both back to back so eh...done ranting just sick of people thinking you can disregard human life unless it's someone they care about then it's different lol
  5. I know two people in the area that have died to it. My cousins wife's parents both were on ventilators in april for a month. The father died because he wasn't getting better. Back in June my old coworker had a future in law that had to have both legs amputated, had multiple organs failing and she died because they waited too long to go to the hospital. She was only 40 and completely healthy. I also barely follow anyone on twitter and have seen multiple people I follow catching it and ending up sick. I'm sick of people saying this stuff. Anyyywayy...we might have a close run in to 100 on sunday possibly...the pool water at my parents place is scorching right now.
  6. Starting to rain a bit here in Enola from Fay. It's amazing how a tropical system can throw a curve ball into the pattern. Originally it was supposed to be sunny and hot today just a week ago. It's also very rare to have a storm in the beginning of July form and come north up the coast like this and keep its warm core all the way up into Quebec. Normally they move northeast and out without hitting land.
  7. Yeah I've been thinking the same thing and wanted to bring that up the other week. Is there any technical reason why models have been performing so poorly with temps all year? I don't remember them being this bad any other year.
  8. Next week looks pretty hot. Lots of low-mid 90's. Wondering if we'll get a heatwave this July
  9. Basically had nothing but drizzle today lol. Everything stayed just a hair enough south and east.
  10. That derecho was pretty crazy yesterday at 11am. I was on the outer edge of it so I didn't get the worst but over half a million lost power and 4 people died in PA and NJ. Highest wind gust recorded was 89mph.
  11. Had to close my windows lastnight. Way too cold for me lmao
  12. I expected it to let up in the summer due to the spread being limited because of temp, humidity and uv rays. We're probably going to go back to closures once october rolls around. And if we aren't taking precautions and all wearing masks it'll probably be worse than it was this spring. I'm not saying nobody will get covid in the summer but it'll be rarer just like the cold/flu. Back in 2009 my friends dad got swine flu in August lol so it's still a possibility but luckily swine flu was no worse than the normal flu.
  13. A lot of places smashed their daytime minimum records. Harrisburg's coldest high temp in history for the entire month of May was 48 in 1947. I don't think it got over 45 today...
  14. Right inbetween the Weis and Giant in Enola lol. I was in so much shock I almost wanted to start recording a video of it while I was sitting there at the light lol