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  1. I literally just put this rooms ac window unit in the other day and rain was coming through the sides slightly. Of course it would. Especially after buying this new computer desk I have near it lol. Heavy rain doesn't seep through unless its blowing directly at it. I have the edges sealed up for the most part but it still finds its way in
  2. Damn that thunder is just going nonstop in the distance
  3. I thought I was hearing things...hearing some good thunder. A storm popped out of nowhere to my west. I thought that line wasn't going to hit me
  4. Same. Never heard of that either. I do know the severe storms are hitting right exactly as schools let out. It only really sucks if you have to walk home like I used to have to lol
  5. It looks like the Enhanced threat got pushed farther west for today
  6. Yeah I wasn't able to see anything either sadly. Around 10 PM I had a perfect view of the moon from inside but then some more storms came by and cover was basically zero
  7. Not sure if any of you are into this but there's a blood moon lunar eclipse tonight. Totality is around midnight. I'm gonna try and take a peek hopefully getting a break in the clouds.
  8. Received a special weather statement with the line west of me. Penny size hail and 50mph gusts
  9. If it wasn't for that storm off the coast we'd probably be part of that heat wave with some record highs Dew point is already 60 here
  10. You guys haven't been the first to mention that either I've noticed. My parents have commented on how windy it's gotten over the years. Makes me wonder if there's an underlying reason for it lol
  11. Was reading on Accuweather about the 1977 Mother's Day snowstorm. I'd never heard of it until now but it sounds really impressive. It was so late that all the plows were already put away for the season and had to be reattached https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/mothers-day-snowstorm-1977-new-england-northeast-us/1179968
  12. Same. Rainy days like this where it just pours all day and night is super relaxing
  13. It's nice being able to hear the crickets and toads at night again. As long as it's not bobcats because those things screaming literally sounds like a person dying lol thankfully I've only ever heard that once randomly in the middle of the night
  14. The line isn't holding as well as I would have hoped but I did just now hear a nice rumble of thunder so there's that
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