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  1. Crazy video. they haven't had a snowstorm this big in 50 years. i always forget places like that don't have systems in place to handle such a heavy and huge amount of snow so the city basically becomes paralyzed. Good luck getting to a hospital or anywhere in that lol
  2. The warning at the top of the site is pretty cute But yeah this winter is looking pretty exciting snow wise. Especially after that record setting low snow year beforehand. Being above average this early on is looking good.
  3. those couple hours of sleet really cut numbers but finally the sleet is gone and there's some huge flakes out there now
  4. im surprised at how cold the temps are holding at some places. models kept showing it warming up gradually. by now it should have been 29 degrees but its still 25 degrees
  5. i'd be fine with a foot of snow even if it doesn't hit us as hard. harrisburg hasn't had a storm in december that was bigger than 13.9 inches since its very tough to get a big storm like this this early in the season. most of the big stuff always happens in january and february
  6. still blowing my mind we're going to get something this big in mid december
  7. that would easily crush the 13.9 inch record for december in harrisburg. geez
  8. uh oh for some reason i forgot all about dry slotting goddamnit lol
  9. I took a look at the top 10 snowstorms on record and i can't find a single one that occurred around here in december. every single one was in january/february except for the march superstorm of 1993 which was kind of an anomaly in itself. there's potential to get close to that list or on it if we get 18 inches or more around harrisburg
  10. wasn't expecting a severe thunderstorm warning ontop of the wind advisory. calling for 60mph here. that front really got its act together once it got to central
  11. The outlook for this winter looks pretty mild. Obviously these things can be wrong and it just takes a lucky setup to give us a huge snowstorm but it's not looking great. Remember the 2011-2012 winter during our last huge la nina? I wouldn't be surprised if this current la nina does something like that either this winter or next winter. Depends how long and how strong it stays but right now it's making its way to being the strongest since the 2010-12 la nina
  12. It's very unusual I'm up in PA and we've had 4 days where our record high temps have been completely smashed. It's been so warm this october and november that spring flower bulbs are coming back up again. It does look like we're going to see at least a few more systems this month and possibly even december. I mean 2005 did give us systems until early january...
  13. Still blows my mind we had Laura and Delta hit within 15 miles of eachother in less than 2 months. If 2020 didn't already look apocalyptic enough for the people living there