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  1. Brandon Clement appears to have it now on his stream. He's stopped on I-55.
  2. BOS: +1.4 NYC: +1.8 DCA: +1.5 ATL: -0.9 ORD: -1.5 IAH: -1.1 DEN: -2.0 PHX: +1.2 SEA: +0.5 El Nino Octobers have a penchant for delivering sharp polar airmasses to the center of the country, last evidenced with 2009.
  3. 5 consecutive trimonthlies are needed for an official El Nino declaration. 1979-80 for example had 4 consecutive trimonthlies of +0.5 and it just missed being classified. Looks like a good match at this point.
  4. To be fair the flooding last week there probably amplified the concern with this one. But definitely an underperformer so far in most of AZ and NM.