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  1. e pluribus unum

    December 23-27th Storm System's/Severe Weather Potential

    Brandon Clement appears to have it now on his stream. He's stopped on I-55.
  2. e pluribus unum

    October 2015 temperature forecast contest

    BOS: +1.4 NYC: +1.8 DCA: +1.5 ATL: -0.9 ORD: -1.5 IAH: -1.1 DEN: -2.0 PHX: +1.2 SEA: +0.5 El Nino Octobers have a penchant for delivering sharp polar airmasses to the center of the country, last evidenced with 2009.
  3. e pluribus unum

    2014 ENSO Mega Thread

    5 consecutive trimonthlies are needed for an official El Nino declaration. 1979-80 for example had 4 consecutive trimonthlies of +0.5 and it just missed being classified. Looks like a good match at this point.
  4. e pluribus unum

    Hurricane Odile

    To be fair the flooding last week there probably amplified the concern with this one. But definitely an underperformer so far in most of AZ and NM.
  5. 1 death in Mayflower on HWY 365.
  6. e pluribus unum

    Historical hourly weather data

    Wunderground has hourly ob history back to the 1940s for major airports. DCA, for example, goes back to 1947 http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KDCA/1947/5/5/MonthlyHistory.html#calendar And IAD back to 1962 http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KIAD/1962/11/5/MonthlyHistory.html Full METARs start in 1973
  7. e pluribus unum

    Coldest Winter in the CONUS (so far) since the late 1970s?

    Why? December was the 21st coldest on record, and more than two degrees below the 20th century average. January data hasn't been finalized yet, but if there was a national warm anomaly it would've been very slight. A solid half of the lower 48 was cold. This month is starting out very cold across the country. We'll see where it goes with a potential pattern shakeup midmonth, but the first half of the month is going to be significantly below average for the country overall. If anything, it would be surprising at this point if the winter didn't wind up colder than average, and possibly by a significant amount.
  8. e pluribus unum

    Coldest Winter in the CONUS (so far) since the late 1970s?

    Keep in mind that the West had a very cold December, and February looks to reshuffle things again back towards a cold West. In spite of the ridgy January, 2013-14 has a good chance of ending up cooler than normal across a lot of the West.
  9. e pluribus unum

    2013 Global Temperatures

    Late 2005 was also very warm relative to ENSO. 2004-05 was a weak Nino but then ENSO went neutral and turned to weak Nina in 2005-06.