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  1. This is a deluge with constant lightning in the UWS. Is there any reason to be concerned about the weak couplet moving east from NJ? I don't see any warnings posted.
  2. Is that the center of Fay over the Pennsylvania, NY border heading east? Last I checked the center was moving north through the city. Or is that a different system that absorbed Fay's energy?
  3. I'm in the UWS. I haven't seen heavy, sustained rain like this in a long time. Lightning and thunder every 10-20 seconds. It looks like there's a weak couplet northwest of the city, around Paterson, where the VIL is around 45 kg/m^2. I imagine that's where the big hail is falling.
  4. Not quite on topic, but we aren't in storm mode yet... I just wanted to point out how nice it is to have this message board at a time when Wunderground is less and less science/community friendly for severe and tropical weather. Their tropical page is complete garbage. Satellite imagery is no longer loopable. Their image for Arthur is off the coast of Asia. WTF? I'll go there for my daily forecast, but this is the best source (or aggregate of sources) when the big stuff happens. Let's all have a safe and educational tropical season!
  5. I'm just pointing out that this is heading due west since it keeps being brought up.
  6. 4PM ET Advisory: 26.6N 5PM ET Advisory: 26.6N 6PM ET Advisory: 26.6N 7PM ET Advisory: 26.6N 8PM ET Advisory: 26.6N
  7. I also do not see any southern movement. Maybe it's lost a touch of its northern motion, but I don't see it losing latitude.
  8. Has anyone compiled a list of webcams and chasers broadcasting in the Bahamas?
  9. Is that 190kts just below 900mb? Crazy strong.
  10. Thanks for the link. Nothing close enough to get a good measure of the current wave heights near the eye.
  11. That is a solid 4. We'll see what's going on with the west side of the eye overnight, and how it impacts strength into the weekend, but right now this thing is howling. Anyone know where to find buoy readings in this area?
  12. Looks like there's some sheer with this storm, but luckily nothing wrapped up tight. Gusts of wind, no rain yet (edit: yea it's raining), in Greenpoint, BK.
  13. This is amazing. I see a bunch of lightning strikes in Jersey and watch the sound wave propagation. Right when it reaches my location I hear distant rumbling thunder. So cool.