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  1. I mean, whatever. I am sure there are plenty that only follow for landfalls. I enjoy tracking them regardless. This has already been a better CV season than last year with Larry (which did landfall) and Sam, the strongest MDR system since Lorenzo. 2020 Paulette was kind of meh. Really, Teddy was the only quality MDR system last year. At any rate, it's far from dead or boring. I agree especially with what we have had already let's just follow and enjoy the fish storms. Maybe a close call for Bermuda or something for some excitement- and they are built for that kind of thing it seems so they will be fine with a close call. We may be following stuff in the Caribbean through December anyways there is plenty of time left as well.
  2. And the debate is getting a bit nasty too. Maybe it is anger that Sam and these two storms to follow will be only for the fishes?
  3. Damn it is a good thing this is going to curve out. Nobody needs this landfalling anywhere. Beautiful on satellite though.
  4. Well I wanted rain and I got it. At the airport CMH is reporting less than an inch, while we have to be pushing 3 inches or so 20 miles west. Big cutoff in the rainfall as you move east across Central Ohio. Bless the cool air that has moved in!
  5. Lots of rain. The most this year with some minor street and yard flooding. It seems odd to get this much heavy rain and for it to seem so cool and to not have a hint of thunder. Over two inches of rain in about 4 hours so far...
  6. I cannot wait for the cooler temps. I have a lot of outdoor work to do and both Saturday and Sunday, it took just stepping out on to the porch to say "Not today". Waayyy to hot. Nice soaking rains and some cool sunny days will be perfect. Ready for Autumn.
  7. I really hope the 2 inch plus rains pan out as we need the rain.
  8. I want some decent rains tomorrow. At least a half an inch-and inch would be better.
  9. How much trouble might Larry cause the Avalon Peninsula/St. John? They might remember it if all goes right(wrong for them). Probably will only graze them though so ya, likely a storm only for the hardcore cane weenies.
  10. It was the climate change denial part. The first paragraph was problematic. Also things have changed and more evidence has accumulated since 2005. It was only a "smh" for that part-the climate denial stuff. There is more to AGW and climate change than hurricane activity in a given location. I probably should have specified what the "smh" was directed at. It was just for part of the first paragraph. I did remove the "weenie" I gave the post since I did not have a problem with the rest of it.
  11. It looks crazy as a shithouse rat in this pic! Glad it is for the fishes.
  12. Apparently out of 59 direct deaths 50 were in the strip from Virginia to Connecticut. only 7 in Louisiana and 2 in Mississippi.
  13. Looks like it might get that given it is expected to reach 140 mph. Lets hope it stays away from land(including Bermuda).
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