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  1. Damn storm-two (relatively)small limbs down here, neighbor has carport crushed-with a minvan underneath. All of the silver maples around here need to be removed.
  2. I don't mind the clouds so much but does it have to be wet nearly every damn day? Plus I agree with the above posts about the inevitable killing frosts still to come as the fruit trees start to bloom.
  3. I am seriously done with winter but one decent wet snowfall that lasts a day and then melts would not be so bad. I remember a good 8-10 inch snowfall in Cbus April 87 I believe.
  4. Well thank God it looks like nobody was killed. Hope the same holds out for today. That red truck video was insane. They just kept going...how? I would have been too stunned and in shock to do anything.
  5. Chaser just had a semi thrown into him-he is ok, semi driver injured. Good video of tornado near Taylor also
  6. Really just a coating to maybe an inch. Roads clear of snow and dry, cars clear of snow by noon here.
  7. Well things changed and I really don't need a snowstorm this weekend. You know how life is. You can have it all! *But really I will take anything over ice, so if it is a choice between ice or snow, please GAWD give me snow.
  8. As long as it is not ice, I can deal with it. Bring it on!
  9. Time for Spring...no more snow! You can have it up their if you want it.
  10. Too much caffeine today and not enough sleep has me on edge lol.
  11. well it is not like I was posting in any seriousness and all. did you see the "lol" or maybe I need to do the /s thing for people on here. Fukk winter I am ready for Spring. Bring on severe weather season!
  12. just in time for a repeat of March 2008! two feet would beat the 20 inches from that! lol
  13. Maybe we will just get a sloppy mix with periods of rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, etc. so that we don't get too much of one thing. I would rather have good old fashioned snow rather than anything else, but anything is better than an ice storm of any kind. * I used to work in rehab and we were always packed with patients after ice storms...many broken arms and legs, sometimes even broken hips, but more than anything there were broken wrists-it is just out of instinct that people try to break their falls with their arms/hands. NO to ice!
  14. A flood watch is in place now for much of Central Ohio with 1-2 inches of rain or more around Tuesday-which is the last thing we need. We had some street and yard flooding with the last rain smh. And as for Thursday-no ice!!!!! I will take snow or even sleet but please God no ice!
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