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  1. I do understand this. It is like the "Millennial Tower Syndrome"-I will believe it when the steel starts rising. I will believe in the big snow when I am digging my car out from under it
  2. Okay this is when I would be paying some kids to dig my car out. Great shot.
  3. I will go ahead and even make a prediction at this point. If Central Ohio gets anything, John Glenn International Airport will report the lowest amount of whatever falls in the area.
  4. It is like the sun rising, the sun setting, the moon rising-John Glenn will always have the lowest number. The only big exception(March 2008)just proves the rule! lol
  5. About 3-4 inches of snow here-better than what I expected after all the sleet. On to the next storm.
  6. Pretty decent amount of sleet coming down. At least it is not freezing rain and is not sticking to railings, tree limbs, etc.
  7. The sleet/freezing rain has reached to outside West Jefferson in Eastern Madison County-I can hear the little pings.
  8. Absolutely drool worthy. Great looking stuff. Keep the pics coming guys!
  9. Glad for all of you in Indiana and Chicago area(amazing pics!) and really trying not to be too bitter here in Central Ohio-also known as The Land of the Warm Tongue of Death.
  10. I would rather get a triple colonoscopy than deal with freezing rain so I will take less snow as long as it is not any damn ice. I suppose the Thursday storm will screw us all over too. *bad mood intensifies*
  11. Do you think far Western Franklin County and far Eastern Madison County will escape any significant ice?
  12. Okay so NWS Wilmington has put out two maps that were posted on this page and are less than half an hour apart in when they were created...but they are so different? Which one to believe?-do I get 2-3 inches of snow, or 5-6 inches? Issued at 2:22 and 2:43, respectively? This along with the horrible new NWS radar is really putting me off.
  13. I am going to be so pissed if we get any significant freezing rain. Damn. Anything-cold, wind, snow, clouds-anything but ice.
  14. Oh for God's sake. And no to any ice!
  15. Thanks for this. So much better than the NWS thing.