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  1. Now two dead on Providencia, 6 seriously injured, over 100 evacuated off the island and one person is missing. 6 people known dead in Nicaragua.
  2. When I said inland urban areas I was speaking about places susceptible to the flooding and landslides like Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Choluteca, San Salvador- and smaller urban areas throughout Nicaragua/Honduras/etc. that are still dealing with problems from Eta or had problems with Mitch. Most of the deaths from Eta were nowhere near the coast. Hopefully everyone evacuated to higher ground/a shelter or strong building in the coastal bullseye zone with this Iota as well. Hopefully it will not drop as much rain as expected and will move out of the area at a decent rate and not sit around like Eta. *After this we will have to watch the orange blob and see what happens there.
  3. Maybe it might make a small difference when it comes to inland urban areas-maybe a small number of people might change their minds and just think of it being even stronger than Eta and evacuate dangerous areas? Hopefully it does make a difference if only a small one in those inland urban areas prone to flooding or landslides.
  4. And he not only has a degree he teaches the stuff. We all know it is not a cat 5 right now(given the HH aircraft data) but that can be corrected later.
  5. I agree. I saw and posted earlier reports that people right in the direct path(Wawa just south of Puerto Cabezas) were fatigued and worn out from Eta and were afraid of getting Covid-19 in shelters and some were not wanting to evacuate their homes(or what is left of their homes from Eta). I hope they changed their minds. I don't want to think about the completely unpredictable major landslides that may occur given the already saturated soils from Eta. Again people may not want to evacuate areas that are dangerous because where would they go with Covid-19 and all. Shelters may be seen as crowded or dangerous with the pandemic and all. Just very sad all around for those people,
  6. Looks like Puerto Cabezas is going right into the RFQ. *sigh* I feel for those people, two major hurricanes back to back and Covid-19 to deal with in shelters. I hope the US and other nations can manage to get some significant aid into that area soon. Nicaragua and Honduras are going to be overwhelmed with need.
  7. You don't have a clue about how effective it is so why not just miss us with your guesses? Your "guess" is not worth anything-if they don't have a clue, you certainly don't either and yet you continue to post your completely unsupported "guess". Maybe I can contact a seer or call a psychic hotline to see what they say-it would have as much validity as your "guess".
  8. Well at least it is working against both sides. I got posts deleted, and so did the anti-Covid vaccine guy.
  9. It is one thing to question, as in "I wonder about this" and another to just spout nonsense with no evidence whatsoever that "Vaccine X is dangerous and will mutate your genes!!!" and all. I think everyone would like more info and many may have some skepticism but that is a long way from what some of these posters have been spouting. There is healthy skepticism and then there is unsubstantiated wackiness.
  10. I agree. We all got our cat 5 now it needs to weaken(although the winds are not the problem and the surge is probably set and the rainfall will be most important) and keep up a healthy forward speed and not meander around like Eta. How does Iota compare to Eta sizewise?
  12. Iota is extraordinarily beautiful on satellite presentation. I agree they really should do a special update or something to acknowledge a cat 5. If it warrants a cat 5 it should be acknowledged, especially since "cat 5" will make anyone in the path of it even more likely to take any and every precaution, and they will expect a cat 5 surge, which they will likely get even if it weakens at this point.