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  1. NeffsvilleWx

    Moon shot tonight 4/8/14

    I took this one a few months ago. Nikon D5100 kit lens (AF-S VR 18-55mm) tripod 10 sec timer ridiculous amounts of cropping I'm 95% certain I had it at 55mm, can't remember the aperture setting. Haven't purchased a telephoto lens yet so this is the best I can do. The f/1.8 35mm wouldn't work too well.
  2. NeffsvilleWx

    Central PA & Fringes - Autumn dawns

    Nothing from Neffsville to York via fruitville pike/30w either. Come to think of it, nothing from 30w to baltimore via 83s either.
  3. NeffsvilleWx

    Universities and Undergrad Meteorology Degrees

    My HS guidance counselor said that MU was up there with Penn State as far as quality of degree in meteorology, and at 1/4 of the price (a little over $3k/semester vs $16k/semester for in-state students), it's a great option.
  4. NeffsvilleWx

    Snow Bro Banter Thread

    How much snow for cockeysville?
  5. NeffsvilleWx

    Snow Bro Banter Thread

    lol @ snow bros. Pretty sure that's a copyright infringement or something. Anyway, how much for Cockeysville?
  6. NeffsvilleWx

    Universities and Undergrad Meteorology Degrees

    I attended classes there for a year before dropping out, but that was back in 2004. I don't remember much about the university itself. There are a few people here that attended MU, they'd probably be of more help. I do remember classes being around 30 students (generally).
  7. NeffsvilleWx

    Universities and Undergrad Meteorology Degrees

    I believe Millersville University's program is well regarded.
  8. NeffsvilleWx

    2014 CPA Lawn and Garden Thread

    After starting my tomatoes yesterday, all of my seeds are started. Quite a few varieties (peppers, hollyhocks, lupines) germinated within 5 days even though the germination time on the packets was 10-21 days.
  9. I would hope so, since the SREF is based upon the NAM...
  10. We know that they are model maps, not forecasts. The general public doesn't exactly scrutinize all the information, they just see 25" and start losing it.
  11. looking forward to doing some yard work this weekend. Just bought a leaf blower/vac that I hope to put to good use.
  12. Trained spotter, eh? Doesn't appear to be any rotation whatsoever in central York. Reflectivity isn't all that impressive, either.
  13. Congratulations on the new job! What course are you at?
  14. I expect frequent posts from you this summer regarding the heat and humidity. That being said, it isn't a "winter" thing, it's an anomalous weather thing. Who wants to avidly discuss mid-60 degree, partly cloudy weather in the middle of spring? Or mid 80's with 90% humidity in late July? Winter, severe, and otherwise "impacting" weather are much more interesting to discuss.