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4 minutes ago, largetornado said:

The blatant disregard for life and property in this thread is appalling. 

You want me to feel sorry for people who had plenty of time to evacuate but didn’t? :blink: These people also knew they were gonna live in an area prone to hurricanes when they decided to buy a home there. They knew the risks. 

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Just now, Rjay said:

This guy is actively shitting himself rn

Yeah look at the Fort Myers Beach cam (number nine) if it is still up. Cape Coral is just north of that and probably getting similar conditions. I can get living there(if that is your thing)but why oh why stay in a giant residential reclaimed swamp with a major hurricane predicted?  I don't get it really. 

And all those elderly who apparently stayed...and with all those homes mostly one floor. I really hope they get through this alive somehow. Those houses are concrete I believe. If the water just does not get too high...

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