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  1. Wow hope the gas company was fast to the site! Our power came back on after 30 minutes. They had to cut for workers replacing something. I assume you are still powerless? Still amazed at the amount of damage to the grid in 2 minutes or less. That was one heck of a front pushing into what was a 114+ heat index zone.
  2. funny....my house which was back on 4hrs after storm is not off again..... office is back online though....hmmm fair trade
  3. I have seen them all day in the farmingdale howell and wall area. I have not been to the beach areas but heard some got power yesterday. Remember restoration all depends on the source or sources. There could be a dozen significant repairs required to juice up a section. Did you see the rt34 video by the airport. It was like a 200yrd wide smash. traffic lights and power poles all down.
  4. Crazy for sure. I will say this....excluding coastal impacts and total rain etc etc.... Those two minutes caused hurricane like damage to the power grids of Monmouth and Ocean counties. In our area of SoMoCo we are approaching 48 hours of power loss for MANY customers be it residential or businesses. BTW not complaining about response times etc etc. Been around the block many times and actually understand the complications around this particular event. I do see lots of progress occurring and yes in the beginning those initially turned back on are usually the low hanging fruit, meaning simple fixes. Our house was an example because the outage occurred down-line and breakers on our street did the job of protecting further damage. So they just needed to be popped back on (bucket lift and a long stick) once the feed was back up four hours later. My offices however not so lucky. The destruction in all directions along the 34 corridor between 33 and 195 was a big job and still in progress. I do see the activity moving along from spot to spot as they piece it all back. It also took a day for the reinforcements to arrive. I saw many convoys of out of state crew and equipment rolling yesterday. Part of the progress being seen today. What happen Monday was something I have not seen over such a wide area. I get why. I also feel, not know, that there might of been a mix of micros AND small tornado's. The reasoning is the absolute sweeping destruction of the winds in small 100-200 yard areas was very intense and focused. I can looks at the edges and see very little sign of damage. Also I watched three different wind blast in my back yard within a minute. Two were from SW and the last one from the NNE. there was also zero viability in the almost fog like cloud and rain when each hit. I also live on a high point close to 178ft. Not sure if that matters but other spots of more severe impact also pop up at higher points around Alliare Park and Airport. Kudos to those working around the clock to turn it all back on! Kudos to the Kohler the old 125 keeps chugging along at work.
  5. They did. Peak bye bye
  6. What a mess in so MO co No power....trees down ....debris all over. Winds were intense. IMO microburst......at least two maybe three... Last one came from north......others were more south west On gen.....roads are closed all over....rescues....accidents etc Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Wow that was a crazy storm. Driving back to Allaire from Brielle and it was like the movies twister. Debris flying past from what seemed every direction. Trees falling....large branches flying....lightning was insane. The entire way through Wall there were explosions from transformers popping. The blue green light was blinding. The rain forced me to stop a few times due to visibility, but standing still was also not a good option. There was no power on until we crossed over the GSP.....and no sooner we saw a few more blue flashes close by which made it all dark. Finally home....our small area still has power. Everything around the hill is dark. Strange. Been some time since I was caught driving in severe storms. It is exhilarating. Be safe all Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. watching the marine air knock our down
  9. there is nothing like the smell of fire in the morning....... it smells like pine
  10. Wow Cabin has at least 4” snow Need more light to see markers. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. SP

    Winter 2018-19 Banter Thread

    My vote would support anything that allows for more brine.
  12. Cabin cam shows 3-4” of snow. Also ice has been accumulating for the last hour. Snow began around 330am and thumped. At The shore....our brine alert has been cancelled and replaced with a saturation warning. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Scary. NJ is quickly becoming a non viable state for a variety of reasons.
  14. hilarious just received a "brine alert" for coastal NJ classic