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  1. chemical leak in Lake Charles
  2. $#!+ just got real - the Waffle House in Myrtle closed.
  3. Looks like the back edge of that is raking the DE beaches.
  4. Light snow just SE of PTW. Dusting on all surfaces, working on a coating. 19
  5. ++Virga at 1 mi SE of PTW, although even the stingier radars have some echos above.
  6. The NWS point forecast for PTW this morning was nada for wave 2, the updated forecast gives a 20% chance. Hopefully the trend continues.
  7. Me too. My family has a house in Avalon Manor, up the street from the marina. We are elevated so hopefully only the garage got it but our dock was destroyed by Sandy so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. I was scouring social media but didn't find pics from that area.
  8. Is your camera on battery backup Or do you still have power down there? Avalon Manor (near the marina) has been out since last night.
  9. Useless to measure at my house since it's a wind tunnel but just had a bit of graupel a stones throw from PTW.
  10. From what I saw the jet sets up north of the bay, major flooding is more a concern in northern MD beaches, DE/NJ. My family has a back bay property in NJ that I think will flood near December 1992 levels. Fortunately the house itself is 7 feet off the ground.