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Wake me Up....when September Ends....

40/70 Benchmark

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Dropped to 40 this morning as the wind held off until sunrise.  We may again dodge a frost thanks to mixing.

Today's cocorahs reports show the entire state getting a drink, amounts ranging from over 3" downeast to a low of 0.58" in Bethel.  At last check there's been 94 reports and only 12 were under 1".  Franklin is the only county w/o a 1"+ report, with 0.72" in Farmington and 0.64" at my place, ranks 92nd of 94.  That said, we're now AN for September with exactly 4.00".  Also, average temp thru yesterday is precisely on average, departure of 0.00°.  Month probably finishes about 1° BN, only the 2nd BN Sept since 2014.

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It’ll be 65-70 across the Tri-state/SNE tomorrow. High terrain lagging …

in fact the coldest core of this shot-across-the-bow air mass is coming through now…. It’ll be warming off the deck overnight from the W-NW … not atypical exiting anomalies.

But, we should decouple - where that happens a touch of frost in favored local study/climo sites. 

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