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Mid to Long Range Discussion ~ 2022


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5 minutes ago, BornAgain13 said:

GFS has been consistently showing a storm of some sort around this period. It definitely will need to be watched in the coming days... and I don't consider thus fantasy land. This is 6-7 days out...

The EURO is a joke…. Atleast around here it’s proved that the last two storms. But yes it’s still nice if all 3 Big Boys are showing it in that 4-6 day range regardless if One is useless lol

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I think the GFS showed yesterday's storm before the Euro did. I don't mind seeing the Euro being surpressed right now. And we could see the GFS show it suppressed, too, in a couple of days only for things to move back NW like they did with yesterday's storm. That back and forth dance seems to happen a lot when we actually get a storm here.

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19 minutes ago, PackGrad05 said:

Yes, they did say that.  It was on their blogs. 
I haven't verified the accuracy of the statement though.

As for next weekend, the signal is there, but cold air looks limited for now.

Isn't that the story, we have the cold air around until a storm arrives and it rains, :axe:

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While the Euro may continue to be scoring higher when looking at the scoring of upper air height anomaly verifications and what not, there is no doubt that the GFS has sniffed out and had more accurate ideas with individual storms in the day 5-10 range compared to the Euro around here. 

And that dates back to hurricane season too. 

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