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  1. NC_hailstorm

    Looking Ahead to Fall and Winter

    The QBO has been positive for 10 straight months with the last reading at 9.97 for August,peaking in May at 14.59 so trending down.Interesting to see if it can flip to negative before winter which would be good. Euro going colder west/warmer east for now for DJF.
  2. NC_hailstorm

    Sept 2019 Observations

    Warm month so far but CLT still hottest on the planet,Carry on. GSP +5.5 HKY +5.0 AVL +5.3 RDU +2.9 GSO +4.4 CAE +5.4 AND CLT +6.5
  3. NC_hailstorm

    Dorian Observations

    KCHS 69.0 mph (11:49 EDT 09/05)
  4. NC_hailstorm


    I'd say the HRRR is doing very well on this since late Sundays runs,moving this NW. then almost due north and well of the coast so far. That HWRF or whatever you call it looks horrible,slamming this into central Florida for almost 3 days.Pitiful just pitiful.
  5. NC_hailstorm


    UKMET with a hit now at Morehead City/Havelock
  6. NC_hailstorm


    Not sure how good or bad the HRRR is on tropical stuff but you can definitely see the NW turn around hour 18-24 on the 0z run.Then it looks almost due north hour 30-36 and well off the coast. Just an observation.
  7. NC_hailstorm


    UKMET still offshore barely.
  8. NC_hailstorm


    GFS into Morehead City/Havelock.Rain shield further west with 5''into RDU this run.
  9. NC_hailstorm

    August 2019 Obs

    FINAL August temps.CLT is still the hottest place on the planet apparently. GSP -0.1 HKY 0.0 AVL +1.1 RDU -0.1 GSO +0.4 CAE +1.5 AND CLT +2.0
  10. NC_hailstorm


    Still some 40mph gusts getting back in the W.Piedmont on the Euro.Higher the further east you go.
  11. NC_hailstorm


    Euro further east today,eastern NC still gets hit by heavy rain.
  12. NC_hailstorm


    GFS has that sharp cutoff in today's run as well.Someone could get 15''-20''
  13. NC_hailstorm


    Euro shifts the heavy rain shield further west this run.
  14. NC_hailstorm


    The Euro has 591dm heights over all of NC,SC,and the eastern half of GA at day 4.It isn't the 594dm death ridge but that is plenty strong and will force it west,it's not coming too far north if it's right. Heights weaken at day 5 over these areas but its already into FLA by then.Timing and strength of the heights are still in question though.
  15. NC_hailstorm

    August 2019 Obs

    Temp update through Aug.26th.Couple spots have an outside shot at a below month. GSP +0.4 HKY +0.6 AVL +1.6 RDU +0.2 GSO +0.7 CAE +2.0 CLT +2.6 (good grief)