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  1. Light/Moderate snow here solid dusting ,cars covered.Roads still look wet only. 32.2
  2. Mostly snow here,could be a touch of rain though.Sticking on cars. 33.4
  3. Yep cotton balls flying around,Dusting here.
  4. Been there several times.Still rain/snow mix. 33.4
  5. 33.4 rain/snow mix can't get a complete changeover yet.
  6. Clouds rolled in fast after a clear morning,mostly cloudy and 39.6 26.4 for a low.
  7. Good grief that 18zHRRR is impressive.Still wasn't done at 48 hours.
  8. Have been noticing the Euro forecast is ever so slightly trying to pull this MJO into phase 1 over the last 5 or so days.Even better look if that happened so things still on schedule. Carry on.
  9. Funny how no model or any forecaster saw any of the impressive blocking so far,NOBODY but the solar signals screamed blocking.It is fighting a healthy La Nina so we do have a battle going on right now. About to exit the latest solar cycle and given the usual 10 day lag(give or take a few days)things should improve with tropical forcing and MJO help.This latest cycle also should finish off the PV for a SSW soon,Euro is trying to push into phase 2 MJO which is usually a cold look for the east around 10-12 days.AO still looks to stay quite negative as does NAO so as long as that blocking shows up you are still in the game. Would like to see that PV enter the troposphere by Jan.25th or so on our side of the continent,another cycle around then would most likely pull it west if it entered later. I'm not throwing in the towel yet I'll wait a while.Just my opinion.
  10. 20.5 here this morning Some monthly temps for the region,guess who's still above average. GSP -1.3 HKY -0.7 AVL -0.8 RDU -0.2 GSO -0.8 FAY -0.2 CAE -1.3 CLT +0.7
  11. Little chilly this morning,14.4 for a low.