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  1. Ukie looks like it might hit,little quicker than the GFS in regards to timing.
  2. January temps updated. AVL 0.0 CLT +2.5 GSP +1.1 HKY +2.1 GSO +1.5 RDU +1.8 FAY +1.6 CAE +1.9
  3. 0z UKMET looks like a hit day 5,little more east .
  4. Late phasing,,eastern sections doing a little better but have a storm.
  5. Light snow 28.0 Haven't seen any freezing rain all day which is a little surprising. 4.5'' total
  6. A light snow/flizzard,very fine flakes. 27.1 Still around 4''
  7. And the wind driven sleet storm continues, 24.6 About 4''
  8. Raging sleet storm in progress,21.9 3'' total snow/sleet
  9. And why not here comes the big dog at hour 294-300 lol
  10. 18z GFS tried for another around day 8/9 but wide right.Euro/Canadian had a similar look,wide right but close enough to watch.
  11. 18Z GFS coming in with a phased storm,looks like Euro and Canadian. at day 5/6 Carry on.
  12. Another big phaser day 5-6,Euro and Canadian look identical.
  13. Agree it looks like the 6-8'' snow/sleet with a raging sleet storm at some point with freezing rain to end it in my area.Usually west of I 85 and north of HWY 73 around here locally is the dividing line,seen it many times. Just my opinion.
  14. Should get a nice cold week here with lows well below or around freezing in most locations.Every flake has a chance to stick. Carry on.
  15. Euro ALMOST phases that Baja low at 192,maybe a partial one.Still get 2 nice storms but that's the monster if it phases. Playing with dynamite lol.
  16. January temps so far,first couple days were extremely warm. AVL +2.1 CLT +6.7 GSP +4.3 HKY +5.3 GSO +5.3 RDU +5.5 FAY +5.8 CAE +5.4
  17. GFS phases the two streams as did the Canadian did yesterday,then you get the monster.
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