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  1. Yep not excited about this storm today. We got maybe a half inch. Never did stick to the roads. I think I’m done. Couldn’t even get two inches let alone three.
  2. well still looking, haven't seen a flake of snow yet. Comon snow where are you, it shows the snow over Asheville since 6 this morning. Is the atmosphere that dry that its burning up that much moisture?
  3. Yep guess your right, because it does look like it snows here the whole event with no rain or sleet.
  4. GSP mighty conservative only saying a dusting to an inch around Asheville, with all the data I would have thought for sure 3 maybe 4 inches around these parts.
  5. GSP saying a dusting to an inch around Asheville, doesn't seem right with what all the models are showing. I would have thought around 3 inches maybe 4 at least.
  6. I hope your correct, maybe our best set-up this season and as usual its trying its best to turn in to nothing, boy threading the needle isn't the word for it.
  7. Right, we've seen the weather for these type storms change overnight. From not in our favor to in our favor, just have to watch the trends and say there is a possibility for Thursday that the ingredients are on the table.
  8. I believe that is the conservative coming out which is always the case. So much can change between now and then how can you possibly make that bold of a prediction?
  9. don't quite understand, we get probably the best look of the year with cold air in place but getting the moisture, storm to meet up with the cold doesn't look good right now. Was hoping this wood verify, man the rain storms always, usually verify and we can't get one snowstorm to verify.
  10. I've seen 10 inches of snow in Asheville on April 3rd I believe it was 1987, I was delivering mail and it actually I believe was 12 inches. It was great.
  11. why couldn't one of these events be snow, where is the cold when you need it?
  12. you know there is wwa all around Asheville and Buncombe County, I would think looking at the future radar for tomorrow we would also be under the wwa. looks good for Buncombe according to that.
  13. well thats the weather channel for you, why I never watch it.
  14. Yep, everyone has a wwa except Buncombe, whats the deal with that.
  15. from what it looks like all of WNC will see a decent event, maybe a couple of inches.
  16. Hay guys a couple of good thoughts are winter is not even half over yet plus the groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow. Instead of six more weeks of winter you might say finally six weeks of winter weather, here's hoping the rest of our winter we'll score a couple of times. We all know in this area some of our biggest snowstorms have been in March and one or two in April. We will probably be colder when spring gets here will be our luck when we're all ready for spring, so hang in there gents.
  17. well there is still hope, winter is still not quite half over, so we have a big half to go plussssss, the ground hog will see his shadow tomorrow not for six more weeks of winter weather cause we've not had any winter but for six weeks finally of winter weather is my thoughts. I hope anyway.
  18. Goodness what a shi-----------y winter and I've lived here 63 years, worst I've ever seen in those years.
  19. If there is a threat of snow the parkway will close the gates.