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  1. wow, this isn't like the old days, I keep looking to see what the future may look like from the computers but no one is chiming in with anything, even if its eye candy some discussion is better than none.
  2. Doesn't all this thunder mean 10 days from now a snowstorm, I'm hearing so much thunder we might be in for a Blizzard. I wish.
  3. I agree, you would think with that strong of High Pressure there would be plenty of cold air for plain snow.
  4. Well its cold today, but mostly rain, if its going to be cold I want it to snow, no snow come on warm temps.
  5. Go figure, if it were suppose to be all rain the totals would probably go up but because its snow the totals or models trend down, we can't even get it when it's forecast around here
  6. yep go figure next weekend a rain event, gets cold we can't get the moisture then turns warm and we get two days of rain, I would love to get two or three days of snow for a change but it doesn't work out that way,
  7. Why is there not a thread following the 29-31 time period, we are within 4 days and every time we see a new model they continue to show that time frame with snow and increasing amounts.
  8. Surprised there isn't a thread started for the Jan. 29-30-31 time frame. The chance of some snow looks good during that time if not a possible storm forming in the gulf to enhance the snow, something to follow, things are looking better and better for that time and we're only 4 days out.
  9. well if you read GSP Discussion they don't sound to excited about next week, we're going to run out of time if something doesn't pop soon.
  10. Doesn't look right with snow to the south and rain to the north.
  11. Is there two or three snow shower events or a couple of light snows coming a couple of times next week for N.GA. WNC and Upstate SC. Just don't see a big event unless something sneaks up on us. At this point I'll take the small events though.
  12. I keep hoping every time I see that a storm is showing I keep thinking and hoping that will be the storm that holds but here lately things fall apart before they get started good,
  13. always 8-10 days away, at least its something to follow.
  14. same here can cause a man to pull his hair out, soaking rains then dry and cold, soaking rains then dry and cold. Odds are the moisture and the cold are going to meet up but boy are the odds against us.
  15. Yep so much for this awesome pattern, all we can get is a little ice, mercy.