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  1. I hope Buncombe County will see some flakes flying tomorrow. Just a crappy winter.
  2. I'll take a March surprise but otherwise come on warm and dry.
  3. It's a bad winter when I get excited about snow flurries.
  4. Snow showers in Candler just west of Asheville, 32 degrees. Never thought I would get excited about snow showers but I am.
  5. Man what a terrible winter if you love snow. We were all built up for above average snow due to El Nino and damn we've had only a trace which is worst than last year. I mean what the hell. If it isn't going to snow I want warm and dry. I can't believe we haven't had one storm that produced a nice winter storm. Frustrating!!!
  6. why doesn't a run like this ever pan out for us, it shows then it taketh away
  7. what happened to the cold air that was supposed to be around the 18th and on timeframe. I kept hearing the second half of February was going to rock, my goodness we can't get a break, this is ridiculous.
  8. You know what's new, everyday I wake up thinking okay this storm will be the one and it just doesn't work out, this was suppose to be one great winter for a lot of the southeast, just frustrating. Just about to give up, been so disappointed this season.
  9. Winter is far from over Asheville North and West
  10. The groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow, so maybe we will finally see some winter weather.
  11. GSP doesn't mention snow showers or anything for the Buncombe County area. Thought we may get at least a dusting to an inch. Boy even us in the lower mountains can't score. Threading a needle isn't the word for it.
  12. I enjoy reading your thoughts my friend, keep up the good work. Very interesting stuff every time I read your thoughts and research. Come on snow.
  13. Had about 2 inches in Candler, definitely over performed, Snowed here about all night.
  14. First time I've seen the ground covered for a couple of years. Snowed really hard earlier , looked like a blizzard. I think we've had about 1/2 inch in Candler. Flakes still falling.
  15. I would never have thought I would get so excited for an inch of snow but I am.
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