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  1. Well there was no good for our winter season.
  2. the blowing snow flurries around Asheville last night and today has been nice to see.
  3. GSP talking about a low that forms off the Texas coast next Tuesday and they'll be watching that carefully with the low staying south and east of the mountains with the cold temps will have to keep an eye on that next Tuesday and Wednesday time frame, the weather channel showing heavy snow for Asheville next Tuesday night time frame. Still a glimmer of hope.
  4. weather channel showing heavy snow for Asheville next Tuesday March 21st with high of 36, I wish. GSP saying next Tuesday a low pressure will form off the Texas coast and swing south and east of the area next Tuesday night, that with the cold temps they'll have to keep an eye on next Tuesday Wednesday time frame.
  5. Yes, I will never forget that storm. That winter was like this one we had no snow and were wearing shorts to work as a mailman then a couple of days later the storm of the century.
  6. Isn't there a storm signal about this time frame also
  7. That's what I'm talking about, everytime the models show a little snow the next day the snow is gone but whats new?
  8. GSP is just honking the horn about the POTENTIAL. The signal is there. Not a sure thing.
  9. GSP honking the horn about colder and snow next weekend for the NC Mtns. Possibly a Miller A, maybe a Miller B, not sure at this point, to early. Things are starting to look very interesting according to GSP.
  10. Where is a storm or two with that cold, seems its cold and rain or cold enough for snow and sunny. We can't win.
  11. Hell I would like to get a couple of inches, unreal all the snow out there.
  12. Well maybe all this warmth is telling us something, I remember the week before the blizzard of 93 wearing shorts that whole week and could not believe the snow and cold from that storm. Maybe there's something to getting this warm this time of year and a nice snow storm. I'm not giving up just yet. Maybe come April I will let it go but not till then.
  13. Boy the weather is so crazy, snowing in Hawaii and us around Asheville and surrounding areas in the low country can't get an inch.
  14. Yes very big dissapointment. Even Asheville went from a possible 6-11 inches to not one snow flake. I would have been happy with seeing some flakes at the least,
  15. I don't believe we're closed yet, as we know especially in the mountains even around Asheville we've had storms produce a foot of snow in April. Just one four inch snow and I'll be ready for spring.
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