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  1. snowing this morning earlier in West Asheville, light dusting on roofs and elevated surfaces,
  2. This is true, bring on the warmth if we can't have snow and cold. We wasted some cold air last month and could never get another storm to meet up with it.
  3. Mighty quite in here considering the chances for snow are trending better each day for snow Sunday morning in our area.
  4. You know the next ten days if not two weeks looks boring for winter weather. If its not going to snow I like sunny and 70.
  5. This is true, last couple of years up to this year were terrible.
  6. Agree, why can't we get that amount of moisture when we have the cold for snow, or just half of it.
  7. Wow is this place dead, I think the last couple of storms sliding to our southeast has taking the wind out of our sails. Well Monday the 14th looks like a possibility. Man we have those storms slide south and east of us then the midwest storm goes up west of us. What has happened to the good old Gulf Lows we use to get that would slide perfectly to our south to put us on the northwest side of the storm? We hardly ever get those anymore.
  8. I was thinking this storm would surely do the NW trend by now on the models. Kinda weird that all the storms are southern sliders. It's usually the NW trend. There isn't a strong high keeping the storm south, that much I understand. Was hoping the GFS would win out over the Euro.
  9. GSP says the GFS model showing cold and snow is an outlier. Wasn't it the GFS that has been most dependable this winter? GSP says even though we'll have to watch the Saturday Sunday time frame.
  10. GSP saying the GFS model showing cold and snow is an outlier. Wasn't the GFS the model that locked on to the last couple of storms? GSP still says that timeframe still needs watching.
  11. I just hope its cold enough, can't seem to keep the cold around.
  12. About 2 inches here in West Asheville and still blowing snow.
  13. just had flurries here in West Asheville/Candler
  14. I saw on the weather at 6, the latest GFS model has taken a big jog to the west that the Western Carolinas are to have to watch this if the jog west continues for bigger impacts of wintry weather.
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