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  1. It was 48 here in West Asheville about an hour ago now its 38 here.
  2. That's what I was thinking as well but when it list the cities it has Asheville , Candler and everyone around close to Asheville,
  3. You know whats crazy is Asheville is in the Winter Weather Advisory and also the Winter Storm Warning and you go look at the hourly its all rain. I'm confused on all this. Guess they're not really sure what it's going to do
  4. This thing could over perform just as easily as not in Asheville also. If that upper low jogs just a little bit east and south is all we need.
  5. Yep same old stuff cold enough but dry probably.
  6. My thoughts exactly, For those of us that have lived here a while we've seen this before.
  7. I meant the snow storm not the precipitation, how many times have we seen this from the models for the storm to come right back.
  8. We have seen the models lose the precipitation about this time before just to bring it back tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Yep WSW are up for Asheville with 4 to 10 but when you go to the snow map it shows Buncombe County .9 inches of snow where as before this it was 2.7 inches of snow. Shows Waynesville 3.2 and Brevard 2.3, that doesn't make sense.
  10. You would think by now GSP would start talking the snow up more for all WNC . The least I've seen the models calling for is 7.3 for Asheville. The local weather on channel 13 is talking token flakes. I do wish we had more cold air close by.
  11. I sure hope the middle of February thru March saves us. Tired of cold and sunny, then warm and rain. Rather have 70 and sunny if its not going to snow.
  12. why is every storm a cutter, what happened to the good ole Gulf storms? when we do get cold for snow all the storms are cutters.
  13. you know it never fails when it gets as cold as it is now it seems to guard against any snowstorms coming in. We are better off to be around 25 to 33 degrees so a storm will enter our area . This way the storm isn't shoved to Mexico or its not so dry, is what you get when its this cold. Threading the needle isn't the word for it, its worse than that.
  14. Totally understand about January and February but this pattern was to be so great just hate to see all this cold and no storm. I thought we were almost a lock on about three different storms that surely one of those would give us the goods. At one time I thought we might even get hit with two storms. Just ashame.
  15. Well I figure if they adjusted themselves for the bad maybe they'll adjust back for the better like what the GFS was showing coming out of the Gulf on the 26th. Let's get back to that solution.
  16. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday the models will come around a little. Sure would hate to waste all this cold air in place and no moisture, just our luck.
  17. snowing this morning earlier in West Asheville, light dusting on roofs and elevated surfaces,
  18. This is true, bring on the warmth if we can't have snow and cold. We wasted some cold air last month and could never get another storm to meet up with it.
  19. Mighty quite in here considering the chances for snow are trending better each day for snow Sunday morning in our area.
  20. You know the next ten days if not two weeks looks boring for winter weather. If its not going to snow I like sunny and 70.
  21. This is true, last couple of years up to this year were terrible.
  22. Agree, why can't we get that amount of moisture when we have the cold for snow, or just half of it.
  23. Wow is this place dead, I think the last couple of storms sliding to our southeast has taking the wind out of our sails. Well Monday the 14th looks like a possibility. Man we have those storms slide south and east of us then the midwest storm goes up west of us. What has happened to the good old Gulf Lows we use to get that would slide perfectly to our south to put us on the northwest side of the storm? We hardly ever get those anymore.
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