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  1. this is ridiculous . I thought for sure we would score this weekend or next midweek. Mercy, I give up. northeast gets 30 inches and I can't get but a half inch every time we have potential. yep where did the epic cold go. met said the other day if we get any moisture it would be snow because of the cold and now maybe just plain old temps in the upper 30's. Mercy t 't
  2. you would think with all the cold , more cold next week than we've seen in years we could finally eek out a true Miller A on next weeks system. No cutters please.
  3. doesn't look good when I see not much activity going on.
  4. why can't we for once get colder and stay cold before the storm, why every time does it seem to get warmer and rain. why couldn't the storm Saturday night be more south, I might have known the Euro was going to cave to the GFS since this is the one showing the warm solution. I was hoping for once this would turn in our favor.
  5. I hate when I tune in and see it's been seven hours since anyone has chimed in, that always spells bad news.
  6. Yep when it's suppose to rain it pours and when it's suppose to snow it fizzles.
  7. I noticed last night the big dry slot between the two pieces of energy and thought that doesn't look good, well it sure wasn't, on to the next storm.
  8. I'm gun shy after this 4-8 turned in to 1/2 inch
  9. well my 4-8 turned in to 1/2 inch. what the hell happened? I got more snow (3 inches ) last weeks smaller storm.
  10. Big bust here in Candler, 4-8 was more like 1/2 inch, really disappointed.
  11. well next week, the first week of the new year looks boring but I'll take those temps if it's not going to snow. I thought I would edit this, the next two weeks look horrible for snow lovers.
  12. pouring snow and wind, like a blizzard in Candler, already two inches. heaviest we've seen in a long time.
  13. yep where is the moisture with the incoming cold, same old, cold and dry or warm and rain. Threading a needle is hardly the word trying to get snow.
  14. Sounds good buddy here's hoping we all get a little more. Thanks for all your input and explaining it all to us.
  15. Just looked at the radar and the precipitation is drying up fast, hope Asheville can get in on the snow tonight and tomorrow morning.
  16. Bring it on,, I’ll take a half inch here and there. ❄️
  17. looks like GSP still isn't excited or just playing it cool for a while, tomorrow evening Saturday morning looks like Buncombe could get some.
  18. was hoping Buncombe would get in on that, this morning definitely over performed, a nice surprise. schools were even out. so much for not really going to get any this morning,
  19. I'll always remember that storm, I delivered mail in north Asheville and that was a Saturday April 4; will never forget it the day before we were wearing our postal shorts like 75. That next day I tried to deliver my mail and even with chains on I had to come back to the station there were so many cars out joy riding in the snow they had the roads blocked and I couldn't get thru on my route, every where I tried to go the road was blocked. We had around 12-14 inches the best I can remember, Heavy and Wet snow I mean. I'll never forget it.
  20. I can't believe I had to cut my grass a week ago, the earliest I ever cut my grass was the end of March, this is crazy.
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