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  1. why couldn't we be lucky enough to get what Colorado is getting today and tomorrow.
  2. This was a sad winter season for Asheville, I thought last year was bad, well all I keep saying ,,,,, maybe next year.
  3. Hell we might as well get into spring, the little bit of snow for this morning didn't materialize and the snow for Saturday morning has gone away now. Yep now they are consistent where as all winter long when a snowstorm would show there was no consistency at all. Now warm or warm and rain is consistent what the hell is with that. Come on spring, we keep striking out. This was the last hope for me.
  4. guys remember the northwest trend happens 95 percent of the time.
  5. Can we not get snow this Friday, GEEEZZZZZZ, come on, what do we have to do guys,
  6. surely not, let's have at least one descent snow storm before winter is over, WNC I know has a chance till around April 1, I have seen a good snow in April around Asheville.
  7. Yes I'm a native of Asheville and growing up here fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties 4/5 --3-5 inch snowfalls was normal with some big dogs thrown in. Our weather if your a snow lover has been terrible. I'm hoping what goes around comes around and we get back into those good old days of winter weather.
  8. Next Friday I have a feeling will be the storm some of us are finally looking to end the season, that storm will save us. I HOPE, come on cold and snow, PLEASE NO WARM NOSE.
  9. I opt for C, I couldn't go for a 2 to 5 year drought, A seems tempting but 3 to 5 year snow drought, NO, No, No,
  10. I just wish we could get a stronger H pressure to the north so there would be no doubt about the cold air. This has been the problem all season.
  11. yep i would like a snowstorm with temps around 27 or lower so there's no doubt, oh and cold enough all thru the column.. Please no warm nose, leave it out in the Gulf.
  12. I agree, I'm glad we missed the ice but for us in Candler the last three winter storm warnings have turned in to nothing. Thunder and heavy rain was here also. We just need one decent storm maybe six inch snowfall and I'll be ready for spring.
  13. Here we go again, rain and 35, next couple of days sunny and cold, why can we not get the moisture and the cold to meet up. cold is always chasing the moisture. I would like just one 6 inch snowfall this winter and I'll settle for spring coming if we could get that 6 inch or better snowfall.
  14. I saw someone got they're feelings hurt, but I agree that we're running out of time if you look at the extended forecast. I mean all this moisture and we for some reason can't get that damn cold air to penetrate east, I thought by now the cold would have been pushed here already. It's very frustrating. Maybe we get a snowstorm at the end of the month or March.
  15. Yep, just hoping the models come back with some snow in that time frame. Come on cold air, get here.
  16. Guys we might as well give up it looks like. We get the same thing over and over. Warm and rain or cold and dry or maybe an inch of snow or 33 and rain. The cold air out west that was suppose to be here this past Monday just doesn't seem to move east hardly any. At one time all the rain we're starting to get was looking like snow but the cold just won't get here. The next 15 days doesn't look good unless you want rain and temps in the 40's. Just terrible, each week goes by I think well maybe next week or the next week. we're running out of weeks guys. Very Frustrated with this pattern.
  17. Me too, I might have 2 inches, boy these 4-8 and 3-6 inch snow falls just aren't coming thru. I think the 4-8 10 days ago we might have received 1/2 inch. I'm ready for a bonified 6 inch snow and I'll be ready for spring. we need that cold air that was to come in here tomorrow to come in some time this week to have a good chance. Last night it never got going good then we were in a dry slot forever. Our temps are always marginal at best. We need bonified cold without a warm nose to worry about. Sorry,,,,,venting, should have gone to the whining thread.
  18. yep next weekend looked so promising and now poff and we're back to 10 days or 14 days out again till the 21st, where is that cold air that we were suppose to have this coming week. Thought for sure it would be here by next weekend.
  19. well asheville went from 4 inches to 2-3, why are totals being lowered. we can't seem to ever have things come together right.
  20. wish it would stay cold Sunday and Monday so the snow wouldn't melt.
  21. Let's just hope the GFS is out to lunch for next weekend.
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