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  1. from what it looks like all of WNC will see a decent event, maybe a couple of inches.
  2. Hay guys a couple of good thoughts are winter is not even half over yet plus the groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow. Instead of six more weeks of winter you might say finally six weeks of winter weather, here's hoping the rest of our winter we'll score a couple of times. We all know in this area some of our biggest snowstorms have been in March and one or two in April. We will probably be colder when spring gets here will be our luck when we're all ready for spring, so hang in there gents.
  3. well there is still hope, winter is still not quite half over, so we have a big half to go plussssss, the ground hog will see his shadow tomorrow not for six more weeks of winter weather cause we've not had any winter but for six weeks finally of winter weather is my thoughts. I hope anyway.
  4. Goodness what a shi-----------y winter and I've lived here 63 years, worst I've ever seen in those years.
  5. If there is a threat of snow the parkway will close the gates.
  6. trouble is where will the cold air come from, that's been the problem all winter.
  7. well here we go with the 10 days out thing again. why couldn't this be showing for this Friday and Saturday?
  8. well after picking up school kids and lots of buses already out on the road Buncombe County decides to have a two hour delay even though last night the weather service put out a special statement about black ice this morning for Buncombe County, lots of buses had to take kids back home. Every county had called a delay early this morning except Buncombe, even Henderson County. Wake ups folks and be on the side of precaution.
  9. Problem is will it be cold enough, seems we're always lacking the cold enough for snow. We've had lots of 35 and rain.
  10. well there is a chance and it is within 7 days, that's about a first.
  11. Just can't seem to get that southern track going like was predicted but when it does stay to our south and east the cold air we need to get snow instead of rain doesn't hang out close enough by. I'm still hoping that Fab February and March saves us. Next weekend doesn't look bad but like yesterday's storm we were 36 with rain, what a nice snow that would have been.
  12. True about north to south, the radar showed that because normally Buncombe County will get a dusting to an inch in a NW flow but looking at it last night it was north to south.
  13. This is pitiful, all of the so called experts at the beginning of winter said the southeast would have more snow than average and the cold would come down and meet up with the southern storm track quite a bit this winter, wellllllllllllll when is it going to commence?
  14. Well the quiet on here speaks for itself, this is terrible guys, we have the cold and can't get the moisture, then we'll get the moisture and it warms up.
  15. the NW trend will commence in about a week.
  16. Rain storm or snow storm, we hope the snow storm.
  17. Yep, it warms up when there is moisture in the air.
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