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  1. Wow the weather is sure boring right now, not even that much seems to be on the horizon. Unless your talking about maybe three weeks from now.
  2. No one talking about the snow, accumulating snow for NC Mtns. Monday night, jason on 13 news thinks we'll have to watch it for sure.
  3. Need a Gulf Low to come across southern Ga. with that cold air in place.
  4. Yes Mr. Burns please try to fix the pop ups, very annoying.
  5. Hey do you guys keep getting the pop ups at the bottom of the page, sometimes also the top of the page but mostly the bottom, very annoying.
  6. Awfully quite in here, I know from experience that isn't a good sign, hopefully we have a couple of more storms to track, come on Fab February.
  7. would like another good snow or two, don't care for the sub zero temps, seems the best snows are around 30-33 degrees.
  8. Gosh another good shot of cold air coming for three or four days and we still can't get a nice storm out of the Gulf, normally its the cold we have trouble with and now its the moisture when its cold, talk about threading a needle isn't the word for it.
  9. Oh well maybe Fab February, isn't that what we always say,
  10. Oh I know just get a little frustrated , seems we can never get the cold to hang on and when it does we can't get the moisture to come in, sorry if I sound like a broken record but that's just getting it off my chest, venting I guess.
  11. well excuse me my friend, I could understand if I lived in Charlotte, but not the mountains, quite a bit of difference there buddy, not saying anything that most other folks are also saying, We're wasting the cold air and its a shame, I don't claim to know that much, just get frustrated as does most on this board,
  12. I can't figure, cold cold cold, and no preip. warms up a little Monday with rain, then cold cold cold and no precip, what is with the moisture and cold meeting at the same time, the odds should be in our favor a few times. CRAZY MAN!!!!!!
  13. Of course, we get moisture it warms up and rains, go figure.
  14. Have 10 inches and 29 degrees here in West Asheville, still snowing, so much for an inch or two is what was said Thursday evening, what a great surprise.
  15. to early for a lawn and garden thread, threats for winter weather still good for the mtns. until April 15 , maybe April 1st I'll be ready for some garden talk and lawn talk but not until, still holding out for more winter weather.
  16. Asheville has had seven inches of snow so far this winter, looking for the other six inches I hope before spring, our season average is 13 inches.
  17. Calm down my friend, this is a discussion site and yes my grass is growing, maybe not yours, I'm glad you can tell me its not growing when you haven't even seen it, I guess I can tell you what is going on at your place.
  18. Digging out the lawn mower today, never thought I would be doing this in mid February. I don't think I can remember a winter quite this bad. My daughter in New Hampshire had 24 inches in a blizzard 2 days ago and now it has been snowing all day again thru Monday with another 2 feet possible, we can't even get an inch to show up on a fantasy map. Terrible.
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