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  1. Just noticed the February 27-28 potential. Right now it looks very similar to the way the last system panned out. The low too far offshore and the potential for some flurries as the upper level energy swings through. Something to watch for sure.
  2. I still think we get at least one more winter system to track.
  3. The problem is, Brad routinely posts vlogs when there is an upcoming system of any significance. In that video, he explains, in an easy to understand way, the reality of the forecast and what may or may not happen. However, people do not take the time to watch or listen and instead will believe a fantasy model they see posted. I'm sure this is super frustrating as a broadcast met. He is trying to do his best to debunk taking those maps for face value. I think this is a great way to illustrate it.
  4. Even the Sunday night round has pretty much vanished. This is a wrap. (For central NC)
  5. WRAL futurecasf shows a nice burst of snow Monday morning. They said they are watching that for more impacts.
  6. Really the only thing that intrigues me at this point are Monday morning commute implications. Some models (GFS) shows potential for some stuff Sunday night and temperatures will dip below freezing.
  7. That image is showing snow in central NC at 1AM on Monday morning. The timing is good and that could put down a quick dusting or so.
  8. Overall axis/focus point of the precip is the same...difference is QPF.
  9. From mike maze: Both the European and the GFS are still showing some snow on Sunday, which at this time should not stick. The timing on both shows it to be a morning event and so later in the weather should be mostly dry. Tune in at 10PM on Fox 50 to see how this evolves. @WRALWeather
  10. European ensemble shows 10% chance of Raleigh getting 1 inch.
  11. WRAL just said odds are increasing this afternoon. However warm ground temps would limit accumulations to elevated surfaces near VA border.
  12. That sounds very similar to the other system we had. The coastal low was not a player and we had to get snow from the trough swinging through.
  13. We had a lot longer period of warm weather in December around Christmas.
  14. I believe one of the main waves is still over the north pacific....so that will limit the amount of accurate data you get
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