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  1. Can someone explain the difference between the GFS and GEFS? Also, what other products on tropical tidbits show 2m air temps? I only see it on the GFS, GEFS, and NAVGEM. How do I see that on the ECMWF or EPS?
  2. 18Z GFS has Raleigh around 60 on Christmas Day and 71 on the 26th! Back to the 40s on the 27th...
  3. I found the 2m temps for GFS on tropical tidbits. Do any of the other models show 2m temps on there?
  4. What's it look like for the days after Christmas? Is that a front moving through from the west? That frame looks like last Tuesday, the last warm day before the cold air moved in.
  5. What site are you using to see out that far?
  6. That really isn't all that warm... 50s/60s.. The cold looks to come back after that.
  7. Maybe I notice it more because I follow the models a lot more, but it is so frustrating that it can be freezing cold and then when the precipitation gets here, it is just warm enough for a cold miserable rain. (Raleigh area)
  8. Here in Willow Spring (wake county side), nothing but cold rain all day with a little sleet mixed in at times. Frustrating as usual.
  9. The temperatures will only drop if the precipitation is falling at a heavy enough rate for a sustained period of time. As soon as that lets up or stops, then temperatures go right back up.
  10. Really surprised how much the SREF is showing for RDU. I'm not buying it at all. I'd cut down those amounts by 75% or more.
  11. It is exciting because it is the first event of the season for a lot of us, but I agree with her statements. Fun to see snow flakes flying, but I'm not cancelling any of my saturday plans because of it.
  12. I'm beginning to wonder if Raleigh will ever get a good snowstorm anymore...always a warm nose. I also agree that this is a NW piedmont event.
  13. the 9Z sref did increase for RDU... Which is surprising given some of the latest model trends. I know the SREF can be overdone, though.
  14. The line is always through Wake County. Hilarious how that always happens.
  15. You remember what a warm nose did to our storm back in January? (that was way less marginal looking than this one) I think some wet snow is possible for the climatologically favored areas in the NW (of raleigh), but anything else is a cold rain with some flakes mixed in at times.