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  1. Looks like there would be some stout ridging ahead of a really deep trough that tries to push in some arctic air. The push doesn't look as strong as it did a couple runs ago, so need to keep watching.
  2. Unless the pattern shifts, this may be the last winter-like thing to track for at least a week or two.
  3. The EURO is consistent with a little novelty snow for central NC on Tuesday evening... GFS isn't buying it right now. (as of saturday night)
  4. As of this morning (Thursday), it looks like both the GFS and ECMWF have lost it.
  5. I remember RDU went multiple days without getting above 32.. it was crazy. Couple years ago I think. The pond behind my house froze more solid than I've ever seen it! (and it rarely freezes as it is)
  6. I just want our first freeze.. Looks like we are going to be behind schedule in Raleigh.
  7. Doesn't look too bad. Mainly 70s with a few days of 80s thrown in.
  8. Yep, that tornado in Willow Spring touched down a quarter mile from my house! Right on the other side of the trees! I went and looked at the damage today. Definitely tornadic looking.
  9. The storm that was tornado warned in JoCo moved through my area of Wake in Willow Spring. We had very heavy gusts at my home, approximately 55-60 mph at least. Strongest winds I've seen in a long time. It knocked my power out for 5 hours. When the power came on, I saw that one local station said there was a possible tornado that moved through my area (near Highway 42 and Hilltop Rd). I remember watching the velocities during this time on RadarScope and I didn't see any couplets, just straight-line. However, there is the exact same cell that moved into JoCo and prompted the tornado warning, so I guess it is possible that something extremely brief touched down or at least lowered.
  10. I'm in southern Wake and it was unbearable... I don't remember Saturday but sunday and monday were horrible.. upper 90s close to 100.
  11. I'm not worried about winter. I've come to terms with not having a wall-to-wall cold winter in these parts. We just need a cold spell long enough to get a decent storm. Back to the topic, though, I'm looking forward to the cool down. Even 90 would feel like a relief at this point.
  12. My car and home roof was destroyed in the Willow Spring hail storm back on September 1, 2017. So when that hail storm started coming this way, I was having flashbacks. Fortunately, my area only got pea sized/marble sized this time. But I saw the worst went toward the Garner/Cleveland area. That size hail for this general area twice in less than two years is pretty remarkable.
  13. Here is the definition for moderate from SPC. I'd say it fit the bill.
  14. I don't really feel it was a bust, at all, for NC. There was plenty of wind damage associated with the straight-line winds. In addition, there were probably over 20 tornado warnings for central NC, some of which have verified on-the-ground tornadoes.
  15. The latest briefing from NWS Raleigh shows the timing for central NC being between 1PM and 8PM. Though, looking at the latest NAM3K and HRRR, there appears to be some convection, perhaps discrete, popping up around 9-10AM. Anyone else seeing this?