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  1. It's a shame there isn't a high in a good location on 2/1, 2/2.... Great low track.
  2. Hey all. I'll be in the Jersey City/NYC area this weekend visiting family. Never been up there when it snowed! Do a lot of things shut down when it snows, such as PATH train, stores, museums, etc..? Keep in mind that I'm coming from a Raleigh, NC perspective when lots of things shut down if it snows. If this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize. Thanks
  3. Agreed. I'd rather work with too much cold/suppressed than it be warm and wish for more cold..
  4. Very active period between January 17-22 that still looks interesting... Historically, the time around MLK Holiday is a great spot for us, probably because it is smack in the middle of our "coldest" portion of the year. Also interesting that the GFS still has a horrible cold bias, particularly past day 5. The ECMWF and GFS are very different with the extent of the cold past day 5.
  5. That's me. I'm used to it by now... There are a couple more of us on here, too. My friend in northern Wake always texts me pics of his snow and I send him back pics of my rain.
  6. That's true. I am looking at it through south wake lens. The gradient is ridiculous. Noway we have been anywhere close to 5 feet.
  7. Interesting map, but I wish it was more specific. Shows portions of Wake County at 5 feet, and I really don't think that's true... Most of Wake would be 1-3 feet over that time frame I would think.
  8. Just a reminder, it only takes one. It still isn't January. I think we get lucky once or twice...even if it is 60 a couple days after.
  9. Definitely lack of cold air supply on that run. But it is only one run of a deterministic model and we are still a week away.
  10. the 06GFS is a tad slower with the system, making it more of a saturday night/sunday event... It also has the bullseye further north.
  11. Is anyone able to share what the EPS showed? Or the individual members? I'm going to be on the OH/WV border so I'm excited about my chances of seeing snow with this one.. I want to see the euro and eps start jumping on board though. Nice looking signal on the GFS and GEFS.
  12. GFS still shows "some type of storm" on the 21st... seems to trend more toward a disorganized mess. The ECMWF doesn't show anything for that timeframe really.
  13. FZRA is a self-limited process anyway, so those extreme amounts are not to be taken literally.. However, the signal is something to watch for. Doesn't take much FZRA to be a big problem.
  14. Super long range, but really nice pattern/signal around the 21st...