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  1. So much for the supposed to be below-average forecast for my area between the 15th and 22nd
  2. Looks like the sun-angle data finally got ingested.
  3. Definitely something still there around 27th. Still need to see a few more runs. Going to be awfully warm leading up to it though
  4. GFS was beginning to build a Gilligan raft and sail away on the 12z I thought
  5. If that's RAH it's the same from discussion 24hrs ago.
  6. Maybe, but lots of player injuries showing up already.
  7. Has to be associated with the clipper system coming earlier maybe?
  8. Looks clipperish which is what RAH alluded to earlier
  9. Good thing nobody opened a storm thread.
  10. Doesn't sounding for rdu support a longer period of ip
  11. Not a lot of ensemble support. Lots of pretty dry panels
  12. As burrel alluded to though does a blend of gfs and euro produce more snow or do the synoptics (too amped= warm w/ice but less amped not enough precip?) on this particular set-up just not going to work that way.
  13. Yes I know I was just renaming eyewall eyeore. Sorry it was confusing.
  14. Does that include sleet. Always forget about what UK and CMC reflect in their frozen precip maps
  15. Thanks Burrel. Looks like a pretty good snow sign at 850 (at that specific time) unless I have something wrong. Ground truth would be what I call dripping snow though unless 2m temps do indeed get driven down below 0c while 850s stay below 0c.
  16. I'm skeptical this event produces much of anything for the Triangle beyond a little zr early on. As pointed out by others the cold is simply not there enough early on and retreating rapidly as storm develops. Congrats to the mountain (maybe foothills) folks. Think you score decently here.
  17. Have to see if 0z gfs still has the system. Maybe colder like the euro?
  18. Better than SC I would imagine unless it is a slider
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