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  1. A 980 off the coast would have to be throwing some serious moisture back NW...more than depicted
  2. What time again do the euro enscrambles come out?
  3. A 1045 HP is stout if it's not transient
  4. Very fluid patterns right now folks. Let's watch this over the next 10 days or so. Have a seat. Not reason to run for the exits at all.
  5. Yes, either the placement of the banana highs or the evolution of the LP. Both cannot be right.
  6. Love the look and the trend but those HPs are not very strong looking
  7. Yes but not the NAM at 84hrs I suspect. Get it under 48hrs and in agreement with the Canadian then you might have something
  8. If only half those amounts came to fruition we'd be in deep kimchi
  9. Hello once again all for 2019-2020! I agree with Lithia. Winter's acoming. May not be for next week but overall not a bad pattern developing.
  10. Folks, about time for me to sign off for winter 2018-19. It's been low on the delivery scale. Congrats to those that got snow today and for our bit in early December. Hopefully next winter is better.
  11. This low wants to trend stronger albeit by small increments each run. We just need it to hug the coast a little more or longer maybe.
  12. 1010 LP at 96 but a bit too far off shore