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  1. Welcome! Depending on your exact location you can also experience the bloody cutting edge (rain/sleet/snow line) set-up in these parts and not knowing exactly where that will happen until H-hour sometimes. Enough to drive a man mad indeed.
  2. Do believe those Jan-Feb winters of 03, 07, and 10 were nothing much here in the Triangle but I'll a take a modoki el nino next year for sure! Need it west-based though to help score.
  3. Cary has a dusting now
  4. Light light snow flurries in Cary. Ground covered! ...with pine straw, grass, and mulch in beds.
  5. Current NC temps for those of you keeping score Temps
  6. That may work for you Buddy with a 999 over delmarva
  7. Does CMC give us better hope or maybe with upcoming euro further east
  8. I hear ya Brick. My gut tells me suppression this far south makes no sense this time of year and we are in a good spot. I suspect the NAM is more right than wrong here though.
  9. Yeah bizarre temp week coming up now for mid March. We don't break 50 for daytime highs all week after today and all nightly lows will be around freezing or lower. Talking 6 days straight here.
  10. WRAL has already downgraded the amounts for the Triangle but upped those for around Fayetteville. Congrats Rev!
  11. It does not scream winter storm for most of NC outside of the mountains. Maybe west of I-77 and north of I-40.
  12. I think this is all notta for my area. Don't see a wrap up coastal benefiting the Triangle. Besides, I have to drive to Florence from Cary on Tuesday morning.
  13. My inclination is to go with gfs/euro at this range as well but the nam swept the leg last time so not ready to dismiss it yet
  14. This. Also want to see what the NAM continues to show or whether caves to gfs