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  1. Nice for most of NC to score this winter...finally Would have been great for some colder temps in the Triangle. We'd had a slog if so. Easily got plenty from the sky but BL temps killed us today.
  2. Per RAL just now will end around midnight in Wake and be at 31 by 9-10pm so that's good
  3. We won't get below freezing until snow is over per Maze on RAL
  4. Here's an observation. WRAL reports we are at 33 but not going lower than 33 before midnight (if their website is to be believed) Thought we had some CAA coming in.
  5. Surface temps really crashing in the Triangle now
  6. Nobody has changed projected totals attm
  7. How believable is the HRRR? Seems to be trending better for central-eastern NC
  8. Thanks I realized I misread #%% mobile phone.
  9. Dewpoints crashing in the Triangle? Would have thought influx of moisture would bring them up. We changeover to -sn more quickly then?
  10. With 41/29 the dewpoint will likely come up above freezing as the surface temp slowly drops. My guess is they meet around 37 and the surface temp drags it back down troughout the day/evening
  11. Bull, WRAL is forecasting a changeover between 5-7pm for Triangle. Does that square with what we’re seeing here? From what I’m reading it would be much sooner
  12. Don't believe it is as bad on the short range models and this is really not ideal range for GFS is it?
  13. Definitely a drought zone in west-central NC on many of those panels