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  1. any update on 0z GFS. Suppression city still?
  2. Even for CR and my area would require a locale with Spanish moss
  3. wait didn't the 12z gfs op still show a seriously suppressed storm down in Florida someplace
  4. looks up the coast but cold air a challenge for NC/SC
  5. Just got thunder and lightening in Cary, NC Is it a sign???
  6. Red is the new cold!
  7. Looks paltry
  8. that cold looks bizarre on this run
  9. 2m temps are dog poo though. Not worried at this point though. I like the track. Banana HPs from Okie to off NE?
  10. pack, looks like a stronger HP run-to-run as well. Not good placement though
  11. Wow euro showing an LP now? How are temps
  12. agree frosty. somebody is gonna win if there's a storm out there at 224. It will not be this warm
  13. Something's not right on that run with those 1032 HPs out there. Also hard to believe a wind-up like that with LP n MS. A cutter is almost more believable
  14. Also came In faster but guessing that was because the storm got picked up earlier west of the apps
  15. Hopefully a party favor and not a shot glass