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  1. Folks, about time for me to sign off for winter 2018-19. It's been low on the delivery scale. Congrats to those that got snow today and for our bit in early December. Hopefully next winter is better.
  2. This low wants to trend stronger albeit by small increments each run. We just need it to hug the coast a little more or longer maybe.
  3. 1010 LP at 96 but a bit too far off shore
  4. Yep coming in snowier for NC at 90hrs
  5. Just got a little better on the gfs 18z. Here's that same frame now
  6. Be nice to have that for next Weds storm Thor
  7. The cold is also not sticking around as long next week. Very progressive. Been that way for a while now why should next week be any different
  8. I think given the Tues/Weds storm may likely stay suppressed we can stick a fork in this winter. Snow after the 15th will be hard if not impossible to come by. Yeah I know some of you talk about "awesome April", "magnificent May" and "jubilant June" or whatever but sometimes over is just OVER.
  9. snow's back! nice spread at 150hrs over central NC
  10. This. The PAC reload after a brief tease wasted a lot of winter
  11. I agree here. It's generally been the weeklies that have been trash, but even they began to re-align some by the late January outputs. Models in the 7-14 day have not been good. Inside 7? not bad
  12. Seems with the GFS that low is more of slightly inland coastal hugger across SC then off the NC capes. Cold does not really come down until after it has passed. Yesterday it was further south and pulling in cold
  13. Yes, but further north this run on GFS. Better for you guys. Warmer for NC