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  1. That is awesome! Debbie gets the weather that he speaks of. Just goes to show you the power of words.
  2. I get it and understand. Don't think you are the only one who thinks that way. Man I just wish winter would set in and now.
  3. We've gotten good at crapshoots over the last few years so we will be just fine.
  4. Transition period so I wouldn't put too much stock into it. Models are going to continue their shenanigans for a while still. Keep the positive vibes cause it will get fun and soon.
  5. I was thinking this is more like it.
  6. Sweet sweet Pioneer!
  7. 4.7 today and 9.2 for the month. Wow it is suddenly wet. Let's hope we can keep it up and winter will arrive soon.
  8. Yes, wonderful isn't it!!
  9. Yep the weather has been great. 51 this morning and such a turnaround from last fall where we were dealing with summer still and drought.
  10. That sounds all well and good and everything but I am thinking we will probably need an impact with Nibiru and then hope that knocks us a few million more miles away from the sun. Then maybe?
  11. Jeff should we even root on a weak el nino or is it a lost cause with the set up for this winter?
  12. Great post Mike! Read their explanation and it was truly laughable. Ashame they can so easily debunk without even being there. I am sure the rangers have got an idea how to measure snow as it is not really rocket science.
  13. 8 inches here in South Hominy Valley.
  14. Definitely have spent way too much time also on this one. Hopefully it was just a bad run and things will get better. So hard to pull away after watching run after run.