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  1. Yep looks like we are stuck with Alaska being cold already. May need a hurricane to shake up the pattern or we could be stuck under that SER for a long time.
  2. Hailstorm just said that it appears MJO will be moving into more positive phases going forward.
  3. I know Hailstorm mentioned the other day about the solar affecting the MJO going forward. Hopefully he will give an update soon.
  4. I know it is a waiting game again but it will be interesting to see just how cold Alaska gets with this setup. I hope they break their records. We can then live vicariously thru them.
  5. This one is time sensitive. Snow guns going at Cataloochee. http://www.resortcams.com/webcams/cataloochee/
  6. This one is time sensitive. Snow guns going at Cataloochee. http://www.resortcams.com/webcams/cataloochee/
  7. Not sure where this stat belongs but Heber City, Utah recorded a low of 43.6 below zero yesterday morning. Coldest reading ever for the United States including Alaska for the month of October.
  8. Would be nice to see. Naysayers are already out in force saying the Euro is developing another SE ridge at the same time. I guess we will see once again.
  9. Raindance is offering hope for a winter that is near to slightly below normal. He had a good track record last winter so we will see.
  10. Jeff it is apparent that your being upset with the Chiefs is affecting our weather outlooks. We need you in a positive attitude and bring the death blow to the SER. You and only you can do this!!
  11. Dang Jeff, nobody was asking you for your honest thoughts going forward! Just kidding as we do appreciate your thoughts even if it isn't remotely what we want to hear. I'll continue to work on the Nibiru idea as it may be all we got left.
  12. Of all the forecasters and their wonderful insight to why the weather should have been cold this winter, props to Hailstorm. He was the only one that gave an explanation as to why we weren't going to have the cold and had sound reasoning. Much more credence should be given to space weather as it seems this winter it has dominated our weather and yet no meteorologist even brings it up. Thanks again Hailstorm for your insight even though I didn't necessarily like to hear it.
  13. I find it funny that people are scoffing at some of the cold that is modeled. It may or may not happen but certainly if it were to take place the ingredients are there considering the time of year and the strat split, etc. Seems to me strat splits are one of the essential major precursors in having historic cold. Agree that it is much better to have snow cover vs. not as the ground can freeze much deeper with being barren, which could lead to even more problems.
  14. I will add that this is the 2nd time in the last year that we have had ice accumulate on everything here in Candler. Usually we get nothing at all but rain and 33.
  15. HM seems pretty positive going forward and GaWx just had an interesting post. Patience is the hardest part once again but thinking good things will be coming in a few weeks.
  16. It is difficult at best to have to weed thru the comments. Only a few with science backing what they say and it is so tiresome hearing over and over from the same ones how they feel about the current models. You guys truly have a great forum and thankful to visit here and get sound reasoning.
  17. 14 inches in Candler. Still coming down but just light snow now.
  18. Models will have no clue for a while yet what this SSW ends up doing. I remember the warmth in late Dec. 84 and the first 2 weeks of 85 then the bottom dropped out. What I find funny is how they are suddenly making a SSW a whole nother animal in the sense that it effects Eurasia only. It effects the entire Northern Hemphishere sometimes good and sometimes bad depending on where you are but for so many to discount this is ridiculous.
  19. Rain just now a light drizzle. Ended up with 1.10 and just now got up to 32. Ice everywhere which just doesn't happen in Candler very often.
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