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Found 9 results

  1. Freehand Forecasting has been live for two years. We now offer our eBook that teaches you how to forecast weather without resourcing to the media. We offer weather related stories and information to help you understand weather in all its forms. And now we are launching a newsletter to bring stories, product reviews, information, and videos from the Old Prognosticator. Visit Freehand Forecasting at and see what you’re missing. Not that interested yourself. Send someone you know that loves weather this invitation. Cut and paste. I found a great site that brings weather into a new light. Find out that weather is not just gauges and dials, maps, and media forecast. Learn weather on a whole new level. Stories, Information, learn how to forecast your own weather, and lots more. Visit take a tour, or sign up for the newsletter.
  2. It’s early August and Football season is right around the corner, and with that so is cooler temps and the season of Fall in Tennessee. We can use this thread to keep the summer thread free of fall/winter talk. I hope everyone has had a good summer so far. I’m looking forward to the upcoming months and what they possibly could bring weather wise for all of us!
  3. I'm in as DXRWX8 for Western Connecticut State, this is my eighth season! 83/65/9 for tomorrow...
  4. What are some of the favorite paid subscription sites? Like or weatherbell? I like pivotal weather for a free site. I would like to have more ECMWF models. thank you for all suggestions
  5. Anyone else signed up to play? I'm "Hugh Midity", coming off a strong 3rd place finish last year with ambitions of winning it all this year. The season gets underway tomorrow and with the pattern shift beginning later next week, things will get exciting early this year.
  6. What do you guys think the Summer of 2017 will be like in the East Coast in general?
  7. I'm being asked to forecast high temperatures, low temperatures, and sustained winds (at the surface) and I'm having difficulty finding accurate forecast models to predict each condition. So I'm asking what everyone uses to forecast these individual variables. Thus far, I've been using GFS MOS data and SREF plumes only. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Ngwips is now in open beta. Please check it out! Some features of this system include: * Ability to overlay/compare model outputs across many different models, and levels at the same time. * Fluid and simplified looping/stepping mechanism. * ECMWF, NAM, NAM4km, GFS 0.5 degree models. (HRRR, RAP, UKMET, and NOGAPS to be added soon) * Ability to view past runs. * Extremely quick updating of model data. * Ability to drill down to subregions. Some Recently added features: * Kuchera snowfall Algorithm plots (12hr, 24hr, 72hr, 120hr, Total) * Precipitation (12hr, 24hr, Total) * Catagorized Simulated reflectivity (snow/rain/mix) * Loopable/zoomable Radar Application overlaid on google maps. * High resolution 2m temperature overlays. * Ability to save/export images, and share links to friends. * Best of all, it's free! It's in Beta, so expect bugs. Official release is scheduled for August. Also, model images won't update as quickly as some other sites initially. After the open beta I will be migrating the data processing cluster to Linode, so the images will generate much faster. The images will generate faster than any alternative. Thanks! NOTE: Data will be unavailable on Tuesdays and Sundays during open beta. Please follow @Ngwips on twitter for future updates! Thanks again to everyone that is trying it out!
  9. Got this from Verizon overnight.... Important FiOS TV Content Information Dear Valued Verizon Customer, Verizon’s agreements to carry The Weather Channel and Weather Scan have expired, and have not been renewed. In today’s environment, customers are increasingly accessing weather information not only from their TV but from a variety of online sources and apps. Verizon is therefore pleased to launch the new AccuWeather Network, which will be available on FiOS® TV on channel 119/619 (HD) and on our free FiOS Mobile App starting March 10, 2015. Verizon will also provide the FiOS TV WeatherBug “widget” application, which features hyper-local weather, on FiOS TV channel 49. WeatherBug can also be launched by pressing the “widget” button on the FiOS TV remote. Sincerely, Your Verizon Team