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October Discussion: Bring the Frost-Hold the Snow

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2 hours ago, powderfreak said:

I think even people who didn't grow up in poverty have that same problem.  Human nature to want to do something that you can instead of having someone else do it for you.  I do like the logic though, ha, let me do you a favor and let you rake my yard for money.  It's totally true, keeps the economy going, it just sounds funny.

Could've paid someone to put in new floors this summer but instead did it myself with a friend.  There's some aspect of something being fun to learn a new project too vs. paying someone to do a routine item that's just boring AF :lol:.  Also an age factor I'd imagine too.  My father now pays for a lot of things he used to do... once past 50 years old it seemed he started paying more and more for random things he never would've let someone go near when we were young kids and he was in his 30s/40s.  Now past 60 he just wants to golf and pays for most mundane things.

Low of 49F last night... god damn it is mild at night.  These departures are insane. 


We learned our lesson, specifically with floors so I went the paid route. I’m sure our marriage could have survived a second attempt at installing floors ourselves. 

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2 minutes ago, DomNH said:

I was playing golf in Amherst and we heard and felt it. Sounded like an explosion. Really strange they haven’t found the source yet. 

 Yeah, seems it was felt over all of SNH and into MA and ME.


1 hour ago, dendrite said:

What time exactly was that? I don’t recall anything. I’ve been gone for the last 90 mins, but I was probably home when you heard the bang.

It was within a few minutes of 11:25.

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26 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

Got up above the clouds today. It was actually pretty pleasant up there. Sunny and lower 50s with little wind. E31FF261-5905-49B0-A007-9D8D6799DD13.thumb.jpeg.ce88fe406513c8bd94070afea97904a7.jpeg

Yes!  Was warmer at the top than down below.  Mansfield was right on the on the inversion level.  Saw partial sun at the Picnic Tables at times knowing it was bright sun above.


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5 minutes ago, Angus said:

I was hiking up wachusett and heard it. Didn't feel any shake if ground. It was very audible, made me pause...didn't think of it again until my bro in law mentioned it a few hours later.

If you scroll down, there are a bunch of peoples reports. Reported as a quake but lots of people reference the boom.


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2 hours ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

USGS says no earthquake.  Weird. There hundreds of reports over a big area. 
A few I read, from people outdoors, referenced feeling a percussion wave. 
I’l guess meteor exploding. 

They can usually see meteors though?  NASA seems to see every pebble that enters the atmosphere with their tech.

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7 minutes ago, dendrite said:

Yeah sounds like a bolide.

This page often has stuff like that.  Should be interesting to see if they have anything posted by morning.  I remember when the fireball happened over NVT that sounded like a fighter jet here they had it posted within a couple hours.


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