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  1. September is a summer month in recent history. Nine of the last ten Septembers, and 15 of the last 20, have been above normal at BDL. In the last ten Septembers, the average departure is +2.4, and over the last 20 it's +1.6.
  2. Another 90+ day for BDL. Including today, 2020 moves into second place for most 90+ days at BDL in July: 1. 2019 19 2. 2020 18 3. 2016 17 4. 1955 16 4. 1966 16 6. 2010 15
  3. SNC had a similar problem. Dew jumped from 74 to 77 while the rest of CT was 69-72, and then stayed there for a few hours before the station went offline a little while ago.
  4. That Wrightstown NJ 100/77 HX 116 ob has to be wrong. That's 4 degrees warmer on the temp and 5 degrees on the dew point than anything else in the state.
  5. That's going to be one hell of a view in about 100 days.
  6. Aren't there a bunch of dams on the Connecticut River that would prevent you from paddling end to end?
  7. 25 days until the days start getting shorter!
  8. Moved it where? It's in the middle of a park, full of trees.
  9. Getting some light snow here in the southwest corner of Connecticut. Didn't expect that. April 23rd is pretty late to see flakes around here.
  10. T-storm with pea sized hail in Greenwich right now.
  11. Or do it the old fashioned way with a motor that generates a voltage relative to the speed. Thought some of the earlier Davis stations worked this way hence their caution of extending the wind cable beyond 40 feet because the loss of voltage would cause the speed to be lower than measured.
  12. 70s and 80s across NYC area and NJ. Got warm quick with this late day sun.
  13. Mugs and jugs, margs and oysters on the beach!!
  14. Dews in the single digits above and below zero would normally signal a very cold night ahead, but not so in the winter of 2020. Dew point of 7 under clear skies and a forecast low of upper 20s. At least let us having something this winter.
  15. This season will certainly put a dent in the snow climatology. Five inches and just one day of snow cover.