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  1. Probably double conversion error which is common. Station reports whole °F which gets turned into tenths of °C for the METAR T-group, then web sites take the tenths of °C and translate that into tenths of °F. Station reports 87°F which is encoded as T0306xxxx in the METAR then some web site converts the 30.6°C to 87.1°F. You can always tell when this is happening because the tenths of degrees are always .8, .9, .1, or .2.
  2. Yes, I'm sure this will be the biggest problem in cities, and not the fact that they would be the target of a megaton or half megaton nuclear explosion. But other than that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?
  3. Precip shutting off as close as NYC, fun is over.
  4. Snowing nicely now. If this were a month ago this stuff would be stacking up quickly, but instead having a hard time even on dirt surfaces.
  5. Started as rain here, but now down to 35 and light snow.
  6. Aren't oil companies sitting on nearly 10,000 leases covering millions of acres that they refuse to develop? Should the government hold the CEO of Exxon at gunpoint until they begin to drill more oil? If you are running an E&P business, would you rather oil at $40 a barrel or $150 (like after Katrina in 2005 dollars)? Which price makes your company more money?
  7. GOES-T launching in 7 minutes for those interested in such things.
  8. I think we're going to have another nuclear arms race. Every country watching this realizes at the end of the day it's everyone for themselves, and nukes are the great equalizer.
  9. 2-hr delay here for basically wet roads and a little slush on sidewalks where you can tell something frozen fell overnight. Would have been happy to get the 2-4 inches that was forecast, but looks like that's not happening.
  10. They must have heard you because you're now in the warning as well.
  11. I think they can only have one advisory up, so you won't see an advisory plus watch. The watches will eventually be upgraded to warnings or downgraded to advisories.
  12. Nice crisp October evening tonight.
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