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  1. Is it really a KU if it's not a category 3 or higher on NESIS?
  2. When was there a KU storm this season?
  3. Yuge 0.5 inch storm total here. Better luck next time for SW CT!
  4. I don't think they blew it. They just didn't think widespread 6+ (did anyone?), and by the time they realized what was happening it was too late. It could have gone the other way too, and they would get criticized for it. It's easy to be the Monday morning quarterback.
  5. They may be in advisory if they think ORH is just a lolli and everyone else will get less. I think they need at least half the zone (county) to be at or above the minimum criteria in order to issue the warning, so if the northern part of the county or highest elevations are getting a foot, and everyone else is getting 6-8 then it's just an advisory. Also, the minimum thresholds are 7 inches in 12 hours or 9 inches in 24 hours, so the long duration would mean it's just an advisory level storm.
  6. A steady light snow here. As precipitation intensity increases it's all snow, but as it lets up it's just drizzle.
  7. If all you guys like warmth and CoC all the time, just get it over with and move yourself to a nice retirement home in Florida. 62 at midday in late November is disgusting. The only way this is acceptable is if it were July or August.
  8. The new decade doesn't start until 2021.
  9. Some people forget the 200 days a year the model correctly predicts partly cloudy and 67 from 5-7 days out, and inside 3 days the big models are almost 90% in getting the high temperature right.
  10. First frost in Florida before Connecticut? First snow in Texas before Connecticut? What kind of crazy world are we living in?
  11. The winds won't be bad. According to the graphic above, just strong enough to tip over a garbage can. Now it doesn't specify if that's an empty or full garbage can, but I would guess that it takes 35 mph winds to tip over a garbage can.
  12. Hey we got an extra 3-4 weeks of growing season this fall. Of the last 50 falls, only three (2019, 2017, and 1971) of them had all five SNE climo sites fail to have a freeze by Nov 1st.
  13. We still have the EEE threat in Connecticut apparently. Ryan's station just had a story about some towns moving their Halloween events indoors. Another year with a late frost on the Connecticut shoreline, so maybe the bugs carrying the disease continue to live on until we get a good hard freeze, which is probably a few weeks away still.
  14. Some impressive obs from NY: Breezy Point NW49G76 Matinecock Point NW52G68 Jones Beach NW40G63