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  1. I'm splitting my time between Connecticut and Albany, NY for grad school. The neighbors up here tell me they've had a snow drought for a few years. What sorts of events are the bread and butter for Albany area?
  2. Nice day today. Temps seem to be underperforming their forecasted highs here and nice overcast sky with those fluffy winter clouds.
  3. South Philly seems to be a snow hole, too. I can't imagine the frustration.
  4. There's been icing on ponds and standing puddles in Brookfield. I doubt anyone was driving on the ponds though.
  5. I was working in Bridgeport at the time and they got slammed while we got like a quarter of their total.
  6. Coming down at a good clip in Brookfield. About .5" to 1" so far. Made for a scenic run.
  7. Gonna be in Albany for this one. It's been strange, because my impulse is still just looking at Fairfield County when pulling up the NWS forecasts. I have to remind myself to look at both now.
  8. This is gonna be an interesting winter since I'm splitting my time between Brookfield and Albany.
  9. The wind as the storm came through was intense. There was supposedly a tornado and macro burst in the area.
  10. In my memory, I've only had the one October snowstorm in 2011. I'd rather not repeat that winter.
  11. So is the haze today the smoke from the west coast?
  12. '93-'94 was my first year in CT. Between that and '95-'96 it set my childhood expectations for winter very high.
  13. Snow in Stamford. No accumulations though. Stark difference south of the Merritt.