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February 18-19 MAJOR Ice Storm Threat


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3 minutes ago, JoshWeather said:

must just be a qpf issue for me, because i'm further north than you are and there is basically zero ice accumulation anywhere here

Definitely is. We’ve been just far enough East to catch this broken band all morning. I’m well over a half inch qpf since midnight. Obviously our temps are borderline here but we probably have 0.10 glaze now imby. I’d think wake forest/rolesvilla/Louisburg would have a pretty thick coating if we’re getting it just north of Raleigh. Our temps are rising now so we’re probably about done 

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5 minutes ago, wncsnow said:

Lesson- Never toss models that show the least snowy or icy solutions, even 4 hours before start time 

I’ll gladly eat my crow. Happy they were right on this one! I want a record breaking SER for Spring and some thunderstorms to track now.

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37 minutes ago, eyewall said:

Anyone know how it is looking around Pilot Mountain/Hanging Rock? Looks like Roxboro might be a bust for drone shots given the QPF issues.

In King main street was covered in Sleet about a hour ago, with heavy sleet still falling then per my wife! But no sleet at all at my house just NW of King. 31.5 lgt ZR 

Edit: Just heard a report from a friend of 1 inch of sleet in King! 

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