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February 18-19 MAJOR Ice Storm Threat


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Eden, NC:
At my location, the temp finally started dropping from 34.8 at 12:22A down to 30.4 at about 3A, where it has held fairly steady since. Current readings here are 30.4/29.1 with a very light glaze on the deck and the windshields.
KSIF is reporting 31/29 OVC 900, unknown precipitation
KMTV is reporting 29/29 OVC 900, unknown precipitation

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14 hours ago, PantherJustin said:

44/25 in Mooresville not sure what I was Shown on NAM currently. I still stick with my idea the Ice line will halt on HWY73 up to HWY152 somewhere in there South of there I doubt goes below 32/33 at all N of there 31/32 Includes Huntersville- Concord/Kannapolis up To China Grove - Mooresville ..... Point blank you all know your area and how it performs in CAD , If you normally hold longer you will tonight as well if not you won’t. Climo and history will repeat itself more times than not. Someone tell me if I’m wrong on that though

“HWY73 Cutoff” 


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32/32 in Matthews. Temp and dew point have been the same and falling together since 3 am or so. Will be interesting to see if it falls another degree or two and holds. 

This is from the NOAA station in Matthews so it’s strange to see other guidance like SPC that shows the freezing line much further north currently. 


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15 minutes ago, Tealsnowball said:

Heavy zr here, sidewalk is reflecting and ice is beginning to accrue on limbs.  29 degrees currently in Radford.

ice storm 2.jpg

Man it looks like an ice skating rink. That’s impressive. That band hasn’t officially stretched this Far East northeast just yet but man it looks ferocious on my radar app I have. I can hear the sleet starting to pick up now tho as I type this. 

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2 minutes ago, kvegas-wx said:

Almost looks like the triad and most of central NC is getting dryslotted!  Ugh!!  These models are so bad right now.

Yea the models are horrid. There’s no sugarcoating that one. Woke up at 4am and the entire area was dry slotted. All the moisture was to our west. Now that band will pivot through and will essentially be the back end. We went from a solid 12-18 hour storm to a 6-8 hour event IMO. 

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7 minutes ago, eyewall said:

I haven't been outside but I can't see a noticeable glaze here. We did have some sleet at the onset for sure. I plan on headed to Roxboro a little later to see what it looks like there.

Actually colder here than I thought we’d get. We’ve dropped to 31.4 with light freezing rain and a pretty good glaze now

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