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  1. Saw that. Watched some of it online. Looked like McDowell just went back to the old school power I and just pushed it down the field.
  2. Where’s it at? My power bill and trees need the break (no pun).
  3. Euro says heavy wet snow for the Mtns on Friday.
  4. As it currently stands 100 spectators allowed regardless of venue size. There’s a bill in the NC senate right now to allow 40% of capacity at games. In addition, the Gov is supposed to announce some loosening of restrictions this week, supposedly.
  5. Really rooting for it to snow Friday to see some high school football on a snow covered field (NC high school football season kicks off Friday night).
  6. The snow sleet mix has turned over to freezing rain. 29 degrees now.
  7. Enough snow to whiten things up this morning.
  8. I’m surprised this isn’t getting any attention since it’s tonight...
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