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  1. The NAM composite radar looks nothing like what the actual radar is showing. Maybe the mtns above 5,000 feet can wring some moisture out later on.
  2. Radar does not look all that impressive and does not match up well with the initiation of the 12Z NAM. What's the ground truth mtn folk?
  3. Yes totally agree. Was just looking at this actually. A 1003 LP in that location almost always means business for 77 and west. Want to see what UK has to be say shortly.
  4. Aka the new king
  5. I believe the GFS today had a storm at 384 which would be 12/26 I think
  6. Now that the storm is over, recapping the days leading up to this storm is interesting. UK, NAVGEM, CMC, and NAM once in range really did well with this storm. GFS and Euro absolutely sucked. If it wasn't already decided before, the euro has been dethroned as king.
  7. These bands mean business. I'm in one that's like a fire hose extending from Burnsville to just north of Marion. Unusual for us to get in on NWFS
  8. Dang, even getting a snow shower here in the foothills right now.
  9. Yes. With the exception of flurries or a brief snow shower that could break containment from the TN border counties tonight.
  10. This last band pushing through means business. Already another quick inch.
  11. This whole storm/forecasting has been the most fascinating thing I've seen in weather in a long time. Readily available model data just totally being discarded leading up to the event and even now. From the local mets to the nws office. It's one thing if the models don't portray this and it just surprises everyone.
  12. I have LivePD on and missed that. Surely he didn't say that...
  13. Had great rates for the past hour or so. Total at 6.5 with moderate snow still falling. Hoping I can push 10 when the deform band sets up. Also, freezing fog is setting up right now. Not a good night to be out.
  14. 0Z 3kNAM follows suit. Widespread additional 4-6 inches
  15. Boyer reporting a foot in Fairview.