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  1. Yes. Love that it’s back in Asheville. Does well here every year.
  2. Windy and heavy graupel from Old fort to Asheville about 30 mins ago. Flurries to light snow in Downtown Asheville at Harrahs Cherokee Center
  3. Looks like the euro against the rest of the models. We know how that goes. No bueno.
  4. Very nice surprise coating here this morning. Not too bad when you’re not supposed to get anything
  5. I’m kinda surprised by how quickly it’s melting. I’m judging it based on the banner elk cam on hwy 184. This is over 4,000 feet and you can see the ground in that filed there that was covered this morning. Sun does wonders even if well below freezing.
  6. Yes that was a really good visual he posted. I’ll be honest and can’t believe I’m saying this, I’d trust the NAM at 84 over any global right now.
  7. Per usual the past 12 months. It’s not like it’s only bad to one of its bias but it’s just bad period right now. Overrunning events, SW cutoffs, Nw flow. I don’t get why people (including Mets) keep hugging it. Especially with how bad it’s been in our area, just brutal.
  8. That changed pretty quickly. 30 now, with some flakes flying, welcome back winter.
  9. 12Z Euro not at all enthused with snow for the mtns tonight. I noticed the 12Z NAM also slashed totals pretty good.
  10. My guess is probably not enough population living above 3,500 feet and would only cause confusion to the majority that live below that mark.
  11. As long as it’s not hot and dry. I’m worried about that, this pattern is bound to flip at some point soon. We’ve been too wet too long.
  12. I saw a 2 and 3 inch report from there....yikes.