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  1. Emergency management has just shut down a portion of I-40 here in McDowell county. Too treacherous.
  2. A portion of I-40 has just been shutdown here in McDowell county.
  3. We're a ip/sn mix still. We've done "well" (i.e. More ice accretion than surrounding areas) the last two ice events but we're still above freezing and I doubt it goes down much more. Yeah if you’re a mountian location with some elevation then temps will climb through the night.
  4. 33 and the kitchen sink falling here. Mainly sleet, mulch is white
  5. Best run of the NAM yet if you like a lot of sleet and freezing rain.
  6. 18Z GFS doubling down for the mtns and foothills.
  7. Yes absolutely. Brevard to Mills River may be ground zero for this to be honest.
  8. Definitely trended colder/more wintry so far today our way. I expect GSP to extend the watch to cover the entire immediate foothill counties of Caldwell, Burke, and McDowell. Probably Alexander as well.
  9. As crazy as it sounds, that has been the NAMs bias since the “upgrade”. NAM is no longer the model where you cut the qpf by 50%.
  10. Icon coming in only about 8 degrees colder than 18Z run.
  11. Seen enough ice this year, 4 ice events so far. Snow or 60 and sunny please lol.
  12. NAM coming in much colder and more ice in NC CAD areas.
  13. Huh? The trends today have been a stronger high, thus colder.