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  1. If you’re along the eastern escarpment from sparta to black mountain, short range guidance is indicating some freezing rain possible tomorrow morning.
  2. Lower than the radar beam. I’ve picked up quite a bit of accumulation here in NC before when the radar never showed anything.
  3. Flakes flying here this morning. 31 degrees and dropping.
  4. Ever since it’s “upgrade” it’s had a dry bias for sure.
  5. It’s pretty remarkable to see the 180 the NAM has taken from previous years. Use to be way overdone with qpf, now has to play catch-up and increase qpf up to go time with each storm.
  6. 06Z Euro trended much better especially at the 500 level.
  7. Definitely better than 0Z. Trends are what matter right now versus surface output
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