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  1. I feel that’s how we are sometimes though. Running with little time on the clock knowing we don’t have a timeout.
  2. Come on down, weather is lovely here right now. Flew down from Charlotte Douglas yesterday.
  3. I think the over running moisture initially will be the best for us up this way. With the ratios, .20-.25 of qpf will get you warning criteria.
  4. 5 inches at Morganton. Know it’s been a good winter when that seems meh lol
  5. 21 degrees here as well this morning with near white out conditions at times from the NWF snow and the blowing snow.
  6. Typical places will do well for NWF, Weaverville, Alexander, Leicester. This one though will be very strong so I could see even downtown getting some light accumulation from it.
  7. It’s just going to be a matter of where those rotating bands set up. I’ve been under for about 90 mins and picked up an inch or two.
  8. Right at 10.5 here so far and still pouring. If HRRR is right, 14 is not out of the question.
  9. My goodness when it changed back over to all snow, it meant business!
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