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February 18-19 MAJOR Ice Storm Threat


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Just for reference someone here yesterday and I can’t recall who was asking about sleet to liquid ratio. Based on NWS parameters 2:1/3:1 is the norm depending on the system. Been a while since I’ve seen that type of sleet accumulation. Tonight is kind of odd for up this far north. Not sure if I wake up to a sleet bomb or ice bomb. Really believe sleet may be the predominant type, at least for my immediate vicinity. 

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1 minute ago, gritsnc said:

So will the rain lower temps at all? Or is that cold air from the north still supposed to push down? Wondering if I can dump all of this water out that I've put in jugs all over the place (we are on a well so when we lose power, we lose water). 

I wouldn’t dump them just yet.  We will get some ice overnight and in the morning.  Just not apocalyptic ice.

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