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  1. Has been a good one for me so far. Had 3 separate events where I could walk out in the yard and play in snow with my kid. Even if there haven’t been any big ones, it’s been good.
  2. Who cares? No amount of b'ing and moaning is going to change the weather, lol. Just enjoy what comes when it does.
  3. why would people being disappointed be hilarious? I hope it dumps on someone and they get to make memories they'll cherish for a lifetime.
  4. "tune in live at 11 for an update on roads".....meanwhile, they show a mostly dry sidewalk in the picture
  5. if i get any accumulation on the ground i'll feel like i won this one at this point.
  6. thats almost 4 inch per hour rates for 3 straight hours. Thats unfathomable
  7. "Raleigh Durham, you have seen 11 inches of snow in the last 3 hours" holy smokes
  8. Best i've done was 20+ inches in that 2000 storm. I remember how awesome it looked and how cool it was falling down. But actually playing in it was a chore...especially for a kid who could barely walk around in it.
  9. Yeah, i just looked back at the last storm thread...the canadian ensemble almost nailed the last storm perfectly 3 days out
  10. yeah, and 3 days out on the last storm the models were showing nothing. Like i said, its way too far out for ME to get excited, but it is exciting to follow.
  11. way too far out for me to get excited. Cool storm to follow so far though!
  12. I'll never forget it and likely never see anything like it again.
  13. No kidding. No wonder people are coming to boards like this and twitter for their weather. When your local tv met is giving answers like that...lol. Yikes
  14. https://products.climate.ncsu.edu/weather/winter/database/
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