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  1. It nailed it for me whereas alot of other models were throwing out a couple inches here. Nam was about the only one saying nothing...which is what i got. Still seems to be the best one to depict the warm nose
  2. Just dont move to south charlotte/union county. Even when charlotte cashes in, we get nothing. Basically always below the snow line...atleast we have been for the 6 years ive lived here
  3. Non-event here in stallings. All the snow that fell last night has melted or washed away and its been nothing but a cold rain ever since. No ice, thank God
  4. Wow, my temp has gone up 4 degrees since it stopped snowing...was 33, now showing 37. And ice is an issue? Lol, yea right
  5. Theyll continue pushing those high amounts north and west as the night goes on id bet
  6. Still snowing in stallings but the flakes are smaller and deformed so definitely some melting occuring aloft. Also with the temp still being 34 at ground level, what is hitting the ground isnt exactly sticking around very well.
  7. Still snowing in stallings, but i can definitely hear stuff hitting the house and ground thats harder than snowflakes
  8. Brad P just posted a video and said he may have underdone his prediction for metro charlotte...says he thinks 4" might be about right after melting. Said it started earlier and coming down harder than expected
  9. Snow only in stallings now. Hope it keeps this up overnight
  10. Really wet flakes mixing with the rain in stallings. Got a little bit of white on my grill cover...prolly a mix of snow and sleet piled up
  11. Same here in stallings/indian trail. Ive been through the, "itll change over and youll get some snow" rodeo before...and it doesnt happen.
  12. If thats true, then why is he expecting so much ice throughout the day tomorrow?
  13. Haha. Yeah. Ive got a coat of sleet as well...nary a snowflake though. Had my back window open and lights on since 7. You can hear some sleet mix with the rain...but there aint no snow
  14. Lol, wral is so weird never know what to expect from them So funny, brad P has 2-4 inches for north charlotte and fish is going with 6-10...
  15. Im literally 45 seconds from where you posted you are and its nothing but a hard rain...
  16. Yea. Not sure what its doing now as i havent been outside in 2 hrs. But it was mixed sleet and rain when i got in around 530
  17. Brad p's final call map inched the snow amounts back north a little after he brought them south a little last night. Jas the entirety of mecklenburg county in 2-4 range when last night he had charlotte metro almost in the 4-8 range
  18. Im right off of monroe rd. Just south of matthews. Went out for dinner around 530 and it was prolly 50/50 sleet and rain all the way up to sardis rd north
  19. Lets hope so. Anything but zr
  20. Pretty much every tv met missed that one. I was in the 8+ inch zone within hrs of the event and ended up with rain and some flurries.
  21. Im from person me...the people there know to add a couple inches atleast to whatever wral calls for.
  22. I mean...hes a 30+ year met. I dont think just because NWS puts out their call that it affects his thoughts that much.