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  1. There's always Bent Mountain. I am halfway tempted to drive up there to get my snow fix (if it does occur there).
  2. Precipitation has transitioned over from heavy snow to heavy sleet in Roanoke. Measured a little over 5 inches just after the transition occurred.
  3. 21 degrees in Southwest Roanoke County, VA. Measured anywhere from 3 to 3 1/4 inches of snow. Heavy snow at the moment with about another 2 hours worth heavy snow coming at least before the switch to sleet occurs.
  4. The 2014 storm was a thing of beauty. I too remember monitoring the radar. The first thump came through during the evening. The following morning I remember my vehicle completely buried in 20 total inches of snow. The ULL went right through the heart of our area and the rate of snowfall was ferocious. Picture of that storm below. In regards to this storm for the Roanoke Valley, I have that gut feeling just as Disc does. The mixing, the way the moisture is positioned. It just screams something like 4-7 inches of a snow/sleet mix. A nice front end thump in the morning Sunday, and then sleet in the afternoon to top it off before the system exits our area.
  5. No, I agree with you. Thinking it will readjust a bit east somewhat. At this point though I'd be ecstatic with 4 inches of "crunch"!
  6. I'm In Roanoke at the moment. We had some brief snowflakes mixed in with some rain. Now we're having a sleet storm. I'd imagine it won't last very long but it's definitely coming down hard.
  7. Welp. Could be lights out soon. Freezing rain continues to pour down. Holding steady at 29.
  8. Heavy zr here, sidewalk is reflecting and ice is beginning to accrue on limbs. 29 degrees currently in Radford.
  9. Heavy sleet with a bit of zr and snow mixed in as of 2:09AM. A solid wintry mix.
  10. Snow and Sleet has begun here in Radford. Started about 5 minutes ago via pinging against the window. Already coating the ground and cars in a hurry.
  11. Yeesh. Now that's a nightmare, especially for those already reeling from Saturday.
  12. Definitely looks like sleet city in our neck of the woods. What is the rain to sleet ratio again? Is it for every inch of rain it's 2 or 3 inches of sleet? It makes me wonder what the record for sleet is in one storm. Anyone know?
  13. Snow beginning to mix in with the sleet and freezing rain here in Radford.
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