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  1. Rain /Sleet mix in SW Concord!!!
  2. The state is becoming more and more covered with precip! Wake up and give us your OBS !! Concord. 35.6/31 Rain continues!!
  3. Thats awesome to hear!! Keep us updated!
  4. Dont know, but Charlotte has now gone over 800 days since our last 1" snowfall. '<(
  5. I will not get excited, I will not get excited! (Doing back flips in my mind!!)
  6. Even the N Charlotte metro sees some action! Bring it.
  7. Right. 52 at University in far NW forsyth looks icy, and some bridges here and there, but yes, overall the majors look to be in good shape statewide!
  8. For all the SUPER weenies, check out CAMS , turn on the ncdot traffic cams, and see what has unfolded(or not unfolded) across the entire state!! Enjoy!!
  9. I wouldn't say so just yet. This storm still has some juice left!
  10. Concord 32/32 Wind Chill is 16 Just a raw rainy mess.
  11. Im between 29 and 49 in sw concord! I hope your right about 73 being the line! Sleet I'm ok with, the other can kiss m......
  12. Concord is READY for this ghastly winter to continue! Currently 46 Dew point 25 But, im still optimistic that I will see my avg of about 4-5" of snow before spring!!!-)
  13. It is THE wors t stretch of interstate ive ever driven. Yes so many pine trees right beside the interstate creates this gauntlet effect! But i dont wish this ice storm on anyone. Prayers for safety!
  14. Im about to throw the towel in here in Concord. Its 34 and fat rain as well. Ugghh
  15. Live YT cams in Clayton, Smithfield, and Apex are showing snow falling! Can anyone verify or is anyone seeing snow mixing in??
  16. The drivenc site for all things NC road related showing 2 crashes in W-S and 1 in GSO. Also noticed that Wake county has 11 ELEVEN road construction zones while Meck County has..... wait for... oh whatever,,, THREE construction zones. Whoever says NCDOT isn't partial to the triangle needs to check out the 485 inner loop on a friday from 330-630pm. From Independence to 85 near the airport and the Catawba River. Thats not quite HALF of that 63mile loop... enjoy.. and bring food. Ok road rant over.
  17. Dropped to 32 in Concord about 30mins ago DP also 32 Quite misty atm. Heavier precip is N of me, but some patches of showers moving up from SC.
  18. Concord sitting at 33 with a dp of 31. Accuweather has the low tonight at 33. We have been about 4 degrees below forecast temps all day. No ice yet.
  19. Same in Mecklenburg. Very common when it actually snows for S.Meck to see an inch or two, while uptown sees 4, and up in Davidson on LKN they get 6-8" . Iredell is even worse.
  20. Concord 37 F 36 DP N wind at 11mph gust to 16 Heavy mist The way the wind is blowing this mist around sure does remind me of philly nor'easters!!
  21. Im already meditating and practicing "acceptance"
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