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  1. I heard Weddington in Union County picked up 2". News in Charlotte focused alot from far SE Meck COUNTY AND INTO Union County. So I'M going with somewhere in Union. I'm near the speedway in Concord. Was fun to see moderate snow in April!!!
  2. If a storm hits and I am 10 miles on the WRONG side of the rain/snow line.... Im snow chasing from now on. For Concord Mills area this winter has been a BUST!
  3. The Mt.Mitchell cam facing Mt.Craig got busy super fast. Trees went from green to weighted down in about 2 hours. Mt.Craig peak has been hidden for hours.
  4. Moderate rain with big wet snowflakes mixing....maybe 30% snow/70% rain.... fun day so far... wonder what the night will [email protected]
  5. had some snow mix in here in SW Concord near Harrisburg about an hour ago. Right now waiting for the heavy prcip in your backyard to work up this way... Good to know I can expect SNOW///and yes a very dynamic storm indeed.
  6. SNOW is mixing in with rain in SW Concord.... Big wet flakes!!
  7. Im going back and forth between rain and Sleet/rain mix. That red and yellow that just exploded on the radar between Gastonia and Asheville must be some heavy sleet. Man I wish some more people were reporting obs on here.
  8. I spole to soon. The sleet has been impressive after all, and it is hanging on still. Im curious to see when the batch thats moving through the upstate gets here if it stays sleet or finally makes the change to rain.... fingers crossed
  9. Sleet finally making it to the ground in Concord. Not as impressive as I was expecting based on radar and other obs on here. Oh well. Worst winter ever for Concord. Bring on Spring!
  10. Radar has been showing tons of moisture above me here in SW Concord for hours. Literally nothing falling.
  11. Thanks so much for the pictures! Congrats! I'm not in the Mountains but rather in Concord, NC. It's achingly miserable to literally be in the transition zone. Had 3"of mostly sleet from the big storm. 10miles as the crow flies and there would have been 10"+. Last time I had a big snow was 2012 when I had 9".. So ready for another Piedmont surprise storm. Had 16" in 2000 in Charlotte. IT'S TIME
  12. I'll be able chasing snow if I have to sit at my home just 1 MILE NE of Charlotte Motor speedway and be 5miles as the crow flies from all snow. The constant 85 transition line is just wearing me out! I'm not getting any younger and I love to park at 2500ft and watch the transition as I climb a nice 5000+ hill. I got the mountain snow fever living in the shadow of Brasstown Bald Mt in Georgia. It just amazed me that a 3hr hike, and an Elevation change from 2400ft where I parked, to 4800ft at the obs deck at the top was like being in different world's. Nothing like sitting up top in clouds and 40mph winds with snow swirling all around me! I need that adventure back, but somewhere in NC.
  13. You guys,please post your pictures of the snow. Please...tjx
  14. Are their any youth hostels open this time of year y'alls way? I can't bear another Sleet Fest imby. I'm on A budget. I would love to experience a storm like this one somewhere near or in the Black Mountains? (Is Pitching a tent on the Mt.Mitchell obs deck legal?) Haha Thx for any ideas !!
  15. Snow of varying intensity still falling near CLT motor speedway. Probably winding down from here on out. Very nice way to end an otherwise sloppy overall event imby. Seems like Charlotte is overdue for one of those surprise 12"+ storms we get about twice a decade!!! A good 90 days left for that to happen!