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  1. Rain /Sleet mix in SW Concord!!!
  2. The state is becoming more and more covered with precip! Wake up and give us your OBS !! Concord. 35.6/31 Rain continues!!
  3. Thats awesome to hear!! Keep us updated!
  4. Dont know, but Charlotte has now gone over 800 days since our last 1" snowfall. '<(
  5. I will not get excited, I will not get excited! (Doing back flips in my mind!!)
  6. Even the N Charlotte metro sees some action! Bring it.
  7. Right. 52 at University in far NW forsyth looks icy, and some bridges here and there, but yes, overall the majors look to be in good shape statewide!
  8. For all the SUPER weenies, check out CAMS , turn on the ncdot traffic cams, and see what has unfolded(or not unfolded) across the entire state!! Enjoy!!
  9. I wouldn't say so just yet. This storm still has some juice left!
  10. Concord 32/32 Wind Chill is 16 Just a raw rainy mess.
  11. Im between 29 and 49 in sw concord! I hope your right about 73 being the line! Sleet I'm ok with, the other can kiss m......