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  1. Light cotton balls falling ATM at 32 degrees. Drove home from work in WS around 4 pm when it was flurrying from first round. Saw mostly snow until around guilford alamance county line and then lots of sleet mixed in. Got home which is about 3 miles south of kbuy and some of sleet was collecting on grassy surfaces. After I got home, hit with heavy sleet before switch to snow that is falling now. This is about last of round 1. The temp got down to freezing and got to see it fall in daylight so a win times 2 so far.
  2. It is more about how dry the whole column of air from cloud to ground is.
  3. If right, Brrr...
  4. Burlington is similar to GSO for max temps. Even has a thunder sleet sighting...
  5. Good idea. The Nam simulated radar at 3 hours is pretty off from what the actual radar is showing regarding coverage and southern extent. It also does not have the northern tongue in the correct orientation or extent versus what is showing on radar in Missouri and Illinois. I think now cast and real time observations upstream are going to be as accurate as any thing else for this system.
  6. While not the same specifics at this point, 6z GFS shows something at similar time frame. Interesting week ahead, it seems.
  7. My favorite is the typo for "shift" under "D".
  8. Here at KBUY, we had some localized and minor damage from the winds last night including one of the bradford pear trees in our front yard.
  9. 0Z GFS has a small snow for areas on either side of apps in TN/NC around 200 hours and a major LR fantasy display. Whether either of these has a snowballs's chance of verifying, the GFS has not moved toward the Euro with this run. Rain and / or snow seems to be a regular depiction on this GFS.
  10. This may be a great first call as the 0Z American models have shifted this ever so slightly towards the coast. GFS model has a slight dusting over extreme northwestern Triad now (haven't look at actual sounding for run). Any more shift in track may allow more of us to at least see the first flakes of the season.
  11. Burlington, NC 36.021 Lat -79.495 Long Thanks!
  12. Burger, I am 3 miles south of KBUY on Hwy 62 in Burlington, NC. Thanks for managing this!
  13. Quoted on Wunderground as record report: "... Record daily maximum rainfall set at Piedmont triad Intl Airport NC... Rainfall today at the Piedmont triad international Airport measured 2.97 inches. This breaks the old record of 1.71 inches set in 2003" And if the line moving in from the west holds together, they may break 3".