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  1. I would say the odds are greater than zero, but couldnt say how high they are. My suggestion would be to ask yourself how late can you make the decision to drive? Based on forecast uncertainty and how long it may take to iron things out, you may have to decide to drive before the forecast is more settled.
  2. So, a foot or so of snow, 2 inches of sleet, and a trace of ice? Prime sledding conditions for you if it comes close to verifying. Rooting for you in the GSP metroplex.
  3. I think the sleet would meet warning criteria. Also not sure how a mix of all are handled.
  4. I have been watching the nam runs too (both lo and hi res) and was thinking same thing. They both look very HRRR like. Not out to 48 yet for full comparison, however.
  5. Harkens back to Cold War days and the perception or possibly the fact that certain judges from the communist block would tend to score western athletes lower than average in world championship and Olympic events where judging matters. In this context, I would assume the poster was indicating others may rate the tornado ef2 even though some may think it should be higher.
  6. Not sure why wake has so many so far, but here is power outage map. https://www.ncdps.gov/power-outages
  7. I particularly like several entries of "unknown" p-type
  8. The other RGEM difference appears to be the primary surface low is farther SW in extreme southern Indiana at hour 57 than other models. It transfers a secondary in SC at hour 60 versus all the other guidance going Ohio to off the coast of OBX. This makes the NC experience colder, while heavy precip is still falling.
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