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Jan 31st - 33rd Storm Obs and Disco like it's 1979

Bob Chill

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3 hours ago, Chris78 said:

What's your thoughts on the CCB tomorrow? Seems we are a bit to far west. Frederick east looks to have a shot. We should still see some lighter snow/ snow showers throughout the day.

Just got back on and realized I never clicked "submit." LOL! 

ETA: or maybe I did...hell I dont know.  The All Days are flowing....

Man...that is a tough one but agree with Fred east is in a better spot.  I still feel like there will be some surprises with the banding.  No doubt any banding will be eastern PA's leftovers but a solid period of light to mod snow I think is 50/50 even out this far west.  Wouldn't surprise me if we have true CCB over the forecasted spots and then a light/mod band further west with subsidence in between.  Some modeling has shown this idea....

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6 minutes ago, Amped said:

I really never cared where they placed the L in a strung out mess like that.

People always overreact to pressure changes in set ups like these. This one just isn’t ours, period. But hey, today was a nice wintry scene. So I’m trying not to Complain too much. Most snow I’ve had since March 18’

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So here in Herndon we never got any bands that gave us more snow and we are sitting at a little under 3'' total on the ground. I do have a question though and since the low just formed is it in a better place to give me snow? It seems like it is along with the gravity waves off it we could be pleasantly surprised but I don't really know and could someone who knows what they are doing break it down for me. 

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