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  1. Should start to form tonight in northern MS, then move pretty much straight Northeast and strengthen in TN before it comes our way.
  2. Anybody else love the serenity of the ~20 minutes or so as a model run is coming out and nobody says anything? Everybody who's around is too busy looking at the outputs and all is calm on here.
  3. BWI: 20" DCA: 14" IAD: 20" RIC: 10" Tiebreaker SBY: 10"
  4. FWIW EURO Kuchera map looks much better for central VA. 00Z 12Z
  5. BWI: 5.1" DCA: 3.0" IAD: 4.2" RIC: 1.1" Tiebreaker: 1.21"
  6. Where can I find this output for FV3? It looks like NCEP MAG, but I don't see FV3 listed there. Thanks!
  7. Pivotal Weather has Kuchera ratios on some models. 3k NAM has DC at 19:1 at 7AM.
  8. Where can I find this info? I only see IAD 5.9" at 7:00 AM.
  9. SREF bumps precipitation again at 21Z... DCA Mean up to .81" QPF. Zero members below .25"
  10. That's liquid QPF falling as snow... 20mm= ~8 inches of snow
  11. Haven't seen this mentioned, but a really good look at the positive trend here in the SREF.