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  1. Storm mode. Stay on topic Rain suckssss
  2. Lol at CMC we finish out the season with a foot as NYC collects 2+ feet to finish with a becs I (and ji) would not stand for that
  3. Can someone post the 12z euro snow map please. Don’t have access attm and would like to compare to gfs see how much spread we need to cover over next couple model runs.. Thanks in advance
  4. And you’re annoying. Not false!
  5. Hrrr continues to look really bad. Might hit the cancel button on this one. I highly doubt Arlington sees much more than a dusting-.5” Heres hoping for Sunday night-Monday storm ETA: this thing is absolutely racinggg out of here too. Will be over by 5/6am
  6. E7 right at the BM. Oooo how Id like
  7. One thing to keep in mind is that moderate sleet is actually pretty effective at cooling ground that is marginally above freezing. Better job than snow does. So having that before it starts snowing could help surfaces cave a little quicker. Just trying to find the silver lining
  8. Makes sense. That’s the money spot attm. Lucky dog
  9. It’s be nice to see the northern extent of the precip shield up in pa start to get flattened a bit. A little confluence would go a long way right now to compress this thing down and get these returns moving west to east and filter in a little more cold. Not much right now
  10. Where you located again? That band in Winchester looks tasty assuming it’s. It a blob of sleet
  11. Oh, yea. 100% ETA: Heard a pinger
  12. This thing is racing NNW. Looks like dc hugs the snow line. I’m liking md for some decent 3-4” spots. Here in Arlington I’m not seeing more than an inch. Hrrr looks terrible. Not like that means anything though
  13. Gfs looks good. This is snow depth change which is more conservative. Take half that for algorithm purposes and it’s still around 4” of sno for dc. That’s a good solid thump. Don’t like how it’s during the day but if rates are good the. It won’t matter
  14. Unfortunately with no NAO help and a -PNA, the majority of the time that signals a better snow chance for New England. Ive actually read them talking about how too strong a negative NAO is not great in their neck of the woods. Being the skier that I am I don’t hate that Vermont looks to be bulls eyed next two weeks but I would be pretty disappointed if not one of these waves break in our favor for mby. I do like the potential for weds-thurs next week for a thump with decent CAD. But that could very quickly turn rain if the shortwave digs too hard considering there’s no back side blocking in the flow with such a negative pna.