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  1. Not a bad looking coverage map for oct 26th Maybe our La Niña winter will buck the trend. October Siberian snow coverage doesn’t look all that robust though. Ehh
  2. BWI: 10/27 IAD: 10/27 DCA: 11/14 RIC: 11/13 TB: Warmest October Temperature: 81F
  3. I love the thoughts (and arrows) but it ain’t gonna progress that way brotha. Submit to the snowless winter of 19-20’ Yea, too many stable features that models want to breakdown and end of runs. Never happens. Still surprised anyone I even trying to forecast beyond 4-5 days this year This. It’s the truth. Nothing to report and it will be that way. It’s not negative. It’s weather You’re always the optimist. And the pessimists are the pessimists. We need both to have a good vibe. And with winter weather as poopy as it has been this year we need the fatalism for a little levity in the thread It’s emotional. But more so, the optimists are still grasping at straws. It’s over man. It’s just over. With a super positive AO and reloading WPAC ridging here and there, it’s almost March. It’s fun to analyze but this winter is not really winter lol That is 100% correct Huge surprise Lol It’s 384 man. Step back from the ledge!! Y’all should do what I’ve done since mid January: Mt baker Jackson Hole Stowe Vt Currently Innsbruck, Austria as I type Go to the snow. It’s around just not in dc
  4. I’m in Burlington since Friday morning. Skied Stowe today. Friday I bar hopped and watched 12” fall between 10am and 7pm. 22 degrees and cold smoke for 8+ hours. Skied 14” at the resort today. If y’all love snow then become addicted to skiing (like me) and you’ll always have a good reason to travel.
  5. That’s so awesome and I believe it. I’m down in Burlington and it started in earnest around 9:30/10am. I checked at 12:30pm when I went for a walk and the spot I cleared in a minimally wind prone area had 4.4 inches. No doubt the mountain is cleaning up at a 30-40% higher rate.
  6. That’s a well thought out approach Is it me, or does the low seem to be a little ahead of schedule position wise? Looks a little faster, no?
  7. It’s crushing in Burlington right now. Hope PF is getting the goods
  8. Biggg dry slot in Northern Vt right now. 6z NAM had it. Hoping it fills in soon
  9. Driving up 91. About 1.5 hours from Jay Peak. Getting light snow, no sleet. Returns overhead are moving in from NW? Thought there was a warm nose? Looks like a NW flow.. hmm
  10. 0z shift back south with heavier snow 12z comparison
  11. I like where your head is at. Gotta get the next couple runs to pull her back south. Stop the mid level warm air push. Make Big Snow Storms Great Again!
  12. You’re right. I still think it shows trend wise that the big slug of qpf distribution is not still jogging north. Gotta stop the trend
  13. 18z NAM holds serve. Maybe slight tick south with best qpf from prior run
  14. The trend will reverse slightly and jay and Stowe will be back in the 15+ range. Models do this a lot with wound up systems right as they develop. I bet the next couple of runs tic it back down another 50-75 miles. Track adjust slightly south
  15. The globals are almost in lock-step. GFS just ran and its easily 12+ Euro is 12+ Stowe-Jay peak is gonna get crushed tomorrow. Easily 15+ total. It's locked.