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  1. (Insert sarcastic comment here):
  2. Hold the phone NE GA folks! GFS threw a bone.
  3. All we need to do is sit here and wait for that NW trend lol. Otherwise, maybe that northern stream energy has more moisture than advertised... I’ll wait another day or two to book a tee time. “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”
  4. Considering this is likely our last threat to track, why don’t we try something different? What say we start a thread absurdly early (like today) to circumvent any conspiracies surrounding when it’s created?
  5. I’m curious about lapse rates right near the surface... It’s clearly right above freezing at 0-10ft above ground level (33.1), but the tops of the trees don’t seem to be melting off any ice. Is there any ballon data or other obs. available that has enough resolution to accurately depict temp at 50-100 ft off the ground?
  6. NAM is teasing us with a cold air chasing moisture scenario on Friday morning... Temps in the low-mid 30s in the blue
  7. Just over a glaze so far here on the west side of Winston, measured 0.06”. The grass even has some accural. Temp 31.3/30.4 and slowly rising from a low of 30.4 at 5am this morning. Light frz rain/mist at the moment with moderate returns filling in from the west.
  8. 3K NAM 2m temp trend loop at 10am Thursday. Hoping that last frame is the start of a new trend
  9. Yup. 3k NAM definitely looks a touch warmer at 06z compared to 00z. Retreats the 32 deg line up to NC/VA line during the day Thursday and keeps it there thru Friday... Initialized cold and dry air pretty well here in the Triad depicting about 27/19, I’m sitting at 26.4/18.5 currently.
  10. Temp was 33.2 at 11am but has dropped back down to 32.0 at noon.
  11. Bottomed out at 32.0, up to 32.7 now on west side of Winston. We had a dusting of sleet last night and there’s a light glaze in the tree tops.
  12. I appreciate the specifics of dissecting each and every model run, but my main takeaway at this juncture is this: All the major ingredients are in place for an ice storm in CAD areas... We won’t know details for at least another 4 days Yes that’s cliché, but it can’t be said enough.
  13. Can’t wait to see a region wide expected snowfall map. Surely the CWFA borders won’t be obvious
  14. Pretty classic virga signature from FCX. Notice how there’s nothing really showing up over Surry, Stokes and Rockingham counties but then radar returns magically appear in the counties just south of there?Well the FCX radar dome already sits about 2800’ elevation, so about 2000’ above the Triad. If you incorporate 0.5 deg tilt, the beam height over the Triad is roughly 7000’ above the ground. This reduces to about 6000’ as you move north into those VA border counties. So, this is telling us the flakes are falling, but sublimating in a dry layer between 6k-7k feet. Pretty typical with NW flows.
  15. A few partially melted flakes reaching the ground now in Winston. About 90% rain though. 36.5 and falling