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  1. Not a great day for Blacksburg radar to be down.
  2. Never thought I’d say it, but I think the three WRF models nailed this one.
  3. Absolutely ripping at the office on the north side of Winston. Sticking on cars and grass
  4. Looking at the near term... 3k NAM is hinting at flakes with the disturbance late Thursday morning. Looks to be confined north of i40/421 from Boone spreading down into the Piedmont to about GSO. Surface temps in the mid 30s, so I doubt any accumulation. Continued support from some of the globals and the last frame of the RGEM. CMC has been hell bent on this for a few days now, but it pushed precip further up into VA on the latest run. Something else to track at the very least.
  5. 35-34 degree rain in north Winston-Salem, but the snow seems to be pretty far north into Virginia thanks to our beloved 850 mb warm nose.
  6. Around noon, temp dropped 5 degrees to about 43 in northern Forsyth as a few graupel showers broke containment into the piedmont.
  7. Back edge of precip was about 10 min of light sleet / snow / rain mix north side of Winston.
  8. Elevated t-storms and the temperature inversion caused lots of loud thunder last night. The sound waves were bouncing around like a pinball machine between cold air at the surface and the warm layer aloft. Up to 40 degrees this morning, lets see if the wedge holds.
  9. Huge flash and clap of thunder just to my west even with the wedge locked in... 33/32 all day long.
  10. Radar is drying out a bit upstream and looking less hectic overall. This should end any snow/sleet in the triad as the moisture becomes more shallow.
  11. So I’m noticing that my temp is falling a couple degrees faster than most of the hi-res guidance, even accounting for the earlier onset of precip than what was shown. Even the NAM is a degree too warm. I’m wondering if that since the models are showing rain, but we’re actually seeing lots of frozen precip at the surface; that the models are slow to cool because they aren’t accounting for atmospheric heat being removed to melt the snow/sleet.
  12. And there it goes right back to mostly sleet. We seem to be near isothermal with these quick flip-flops, very rate dependent.
  13. Mostly snow west side of Winston, very few small rain drops, sleet has stopped. 34/31