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2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations


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This place is already a mad house. I love it! Think I’m getting a few hours in before my 5am coffee alarm. Gonna be a rocking obs thread in here for a good part of day. Just remember to get outside and enjoy whatever fluffy beat down we get.  Do it before the dreadful pingers come knocking. 

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It is just dumping snow here right now. Meatball sized flakes coming down. Impressive to say the least. 

To add, best part is with these bands the temp went from 39 to 33 so once evaporational cooling commenced the temp plummets. Starting to get slushy on non grassy surfaces now, including driveway. 

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Just now, Steve25 said:

Is it my imagination or is the radar substantially ahead and healthier looking than lets say the HRRR? 

Nope. It’s hard to believe that with a radar like that, this doesn’t come in hot and heavy around 6-8am. We’ll see if the global are right or the NAM/HRRR. Despite what some Mets say, I always like to blend GFS/Euro

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10 minutes ago, weathercoins said:

Sorry if this happened a while ago, but I was pretty surprised to see that the government is already closed for tomorrow.

Have you looked at the radar at all today?  Or a weather app?  Or this board? lol

Not trying to be disrespectful, but you are coming to a winter storm obs and disc and are bewildered there is a winter storm that got the govt to close. That's just too funny.

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2 minutes ago, nj2va said:

HRRR is useless right now.  I get why we look at it since we’re waiting for precip to arrive.  But its so unreliable and jumpy.

Ive honestly never seen the GFS outsnow the NAM. I am not sure what to do with myself.

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