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March 9-10 Winter Storm


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2 minutes ago, madwx said:

A cool mid month pattern looks to kick off with a significant snowstorm.  GFS putting up laughable totals north of the Wisconsin/Illinois border but regardless this looks like it will require advisories/warnings.

I literally had the fucking thread creating window open and was about to  look at naming conventions when this popped up :ph34r:


Bit of a jog south across the board this morning, I'm hoping that we get another one or two of those. Even if it ends up being a marginal kind of deal looks like a decent front end thump type of thing. Right?

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Yeah I think this has the potential to hit most of us. The 00z gfs and gem both have a nice everyone is a winner event. With the NAO/AO  slightly negative and the pna slightly positive this favors a flatter pattern to slight eastern US troughing. 

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39 minutes ago, SolidIcewx said:

I feel you I’d rather have rain or powder this week. Our power lines and trees need a break lol I don’t think my arborvitae can handle another event

Right?  With the last major ice event in SEMI, a HUGE oak tree limb came down on my father-in-law's roof, tore up the roof/gutters and ripped the power line riser and meter box right off the back of his house, draping his power line across his back yard for almost a week.  He just got it fixed and this past Fri/Sat's slushfest ripped the riser/box back off of his house again, dropping the wire across his yard for a 2nd time.  The poor guy can't catch a break.

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