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  1. Euro/GEM/GFS in the upper 980's tonight. It's a start
  2. We need a 1-12-1918 redux. Earliest news accounts of rescuing stranded motorists I've personally seen.
  3. Just how far south are you? Been 32F or below 5X since 9/19 here.
  4. GRR on possible merging/phasing lows for late week..
  5. Last I checked, October 25th is squarely in autumn territory.
  6. When exactly do you see snow for FWA? Thursday/Friday looks wet, but not white.
  7. 2011-12 says "hold my beer" :-(
  8. 11/5/90 I had15" of concrete at my place while just a few miles away at lake level it was just white rain. And that was only about a 400 foot elev difference.
  9. Here we scored (3) legit warned storms. Dec 15th was 10", the New Years Eve storm was an 8-10" event, and then the March 21-22 storm that delivered a full 13". Feb didn't feature a biggie despite getting around 30" for the month. And then 08-09, it just got better..more cold and more snow. Actually, for here, 13-14 narrowly edged 08-09 in total snow, but ofc is the hands down winner in days with deep snow cover. 1/6/14, Depth ~22", Temp @ -16F, with a balmy -41F WC
  10. You know what they say about how a drought ends, lol. Good to see the OHV finally turning a corner.
  11. Good point. Would take either of those following winters as well.
  12. '95 was a white Turkey Day, and an even whiter Christmas. #funtimes
  13. This is a 2020 Nina. No point in comparing with the 00's. Thx anyways
  14. 64-65 was pretty decent. Mby got 13+ from that storm. Ofc I was 8 (mos) and remember only an after photo. @ Detroit. The land of 30+ year Big Dog droughts.