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  1. 24.5" per NWS write-up with 12 foot drifts in the city proper. #wildstuff
  2. 2 for 2 on the models flashing the "big phase tease"
  3. I can remember lurking at USWxforum circa early 2007 and later at Accu. Not sure if Eastern was still going then. If so, I never joined until this platform replaced it.
  4. Surprise in the making?? At least you get the prime darks hours. Like everything so far, midday event on tap over here.
  5. DTX (summary = gonna stack some more tenths) Shortwave tracking through the Dakotas this afternoon and slippinginto central Indiana by 12z Tuesday. Question is will this systemstill be strong enough and far enough north to support precipitationslipping north across the southern Michigan border. Based on thebulk of the hires solutions, and seeing 850-700 MB omega/forcing,the answers appears to be yes for areas along and south of I-94,with less confidence as one heads north. Mean temperature in the 850-700 MB layer looks to be -10 C. 12z NAM still maintains a closedsurface low/low level circulation through 18z Tuesday, which shouldbe good enough with 925 MB temps of -2 to -3 C. Any layer abovefreezing is right at or just above the surface, so snow is expectedto accumulate, especially after we drop into the upper 20s/near 30degrees tonight. Accumulation around half an inch along and south ofI-94 appears likely, and will then taper off pops quickly as oneheads north.
  6. I wasn't even aware back then, but have seen this and thought "wow, that was kind of an odd system"
  7. KS and WISCO putting up some numbers the last 24 hrs:
  8. Haha, yep. Really, it ripped but it was after dark, I barely saw it twice out my window and here all 0.9" fell in about 30 minutes. By the time I realized it was "happening" it pretty much was just enough time to make that post and it was over. Then I really got the bigger shaft with this year's version. But, I will acknowledge that not ALL has been bad since moving here. I give 3-3-23 very high marks. Very hard-hitting and impressive storm with some ++SN.
  9. I would prefer the word "intense" which it indeed was just like the recent Squall Warned event. Mostly jabbing at him because I only got half his total. Even less this year. Stacking tenths will always have a lame feel.
  10. This is heavy? And yes, I agree, it was exactly like what repeated this 11-27 as your area got a direct hit and I got half here (0.9), lol
  11. About half an inch of RN here so far. Super dreary late autumn day.
  12. First real snow threat wasn't until 12/23 last winter over here. Followed by another month of boring crap.
  13. Could we have a dry winter, and still have a decent amount of snow?
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