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  1. Caught stretching, lol. DTW had depth of 0" before the morning of the 23rd (you can't count the day of our first snowfall on the 22nd a "pack" since it was new). Therefore to my counting we're at 13 days including today the 4th. I have enjoyed this snow cover and its origin storm much better than either of last winter's systems despite all the warmth during and after the storm itself. The amount of snow on the trees was like nothing I can remember save perhaps for 11/29/11 which was a good wet plastering as well.
  2. Guilty. After the pathetic stretch of 87/88/89 winters in SEMI, I could and DID move to the NWMI snow-belts. Not every winter is great there, but during my 7 years there, I got to experience some of the region's more historic winters. I lived in Beavis' winter paradise.
  3. Jump in your time machine and get back to 1880 when things were really cookin'
  4. My sister and her fam made one that included some sizeable boobs as well, lol. Back in the 90's iirc
  5. Wow, how horrible. I had almost 44" that season and thought it was "lame". As for the 70's. Where I was growing up it was much more consistently cold and snowy. Not to discount our recent string of great winters from roughly 02-03 until perhaps 15-16 (+/-). 97% (64 of 66) of months from when I was 7-18 yrs old with measurable snowfall! That was a very wintry run of 11 years where I grew up. Maybe you can dig-up an equal string of winters lately?
  6. Arctic air on the move always makes for dynamic memorable outcomes. I was fortunate to be in the jackzone of both the PV bliz and this week's storm. Aside from similar tracks, this storm was pedestrian in comparison to 2014.
  7. 7.5" nice storm for Canton. Not quite the ARB jackzone, but close enough. Too bad the warmth of the soil has halved the depths around the Metro. Couple above freezing periods not helping either. But, we avoided more snowless brown going into the CAD spell.
  8. Stepped out to 1/2" of mix in Canton. Better than a shutout.
  9. h333 GFS has your next beefy jerky storm
  10. Had a couple decent squalls here, but again missed out on the better/wider bands. Going with 0.5" since midnight. Nice to see snow on snow even if small. Was hitting pretty good after work with car thermo at 29F (it reads a deg or two high I noticed). Cold snow for the first time in a month. Noticed snow blowing off the roof of the industrial building across the street at work. Didn't have anything like that last winter. If it happened, it wasn't on a work day.
  11. Whoa! Say it ain't so! For some reason I thought "Bill" was one of the younger Mets in that office. Sad day in our little Wx world
  12. What's more rare for DTW and/or the N burbs, a true 12+ or a pair of 6's?
  13. Was that anything official, or just a random statement?
  14. NOT a bliz, but bliz-like low vis for hours with thump snows at KDTW
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