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  1. Euro Op to 54 does NOT look north fwiw. Need to get some SW to NE tilt going with this thing. (1st wave)
  2. Are you onto the Ops now? Earlier you said to ride the Ensembles to minimize the noise of bouncing Ops.
  3. 0z GEM comes in as an almost carbon copy of the 18z EPS mean, and maybe a bit more moist. Edit- Can add 0z GEFS to the "almost carbon copy" list
  4. Clearly the NAM has picked up the torch for us Mitt Peeps. GFS carried it so long it just got tired.
  5. A bit far out for 3k level, just from what I've seen. Another look at the 18z Euro EPS mean. I'd be fine with this, especially if we could get a little more juice in the end.
  6. Warm and north seems the way to go at this early time of season.
  7. Sad that we have such confidence in threats/threads any more. What happened??
  8. Nah, some north, some south. A meet in the middle works. Can we get back to this tho is the question?
  9. While those maps tell the temps part of the story, I'm more concerned about snowfall (or lack of it). The past (6) Decembers here have such a wide swing in totals, yet when averaged equal 12.96" per year. My long-term Dec avg? 13.0" Snow wise, the month has become bi-polar to the extreme lately with as little as 1.2" in 2014 to 27.6" three years later. I'm not sure there's any such thing as a "normal" December any more.
  10. Thx to a 2" score today, I'm already beating last Dec's total. And, I'm at 20% of my seasonal avg on 12/10. Amazing what looking out on nice white ground can do for one's perception of the young winter. The holiday cheer-O-meter saw a big spike today.