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  1. April 8th-9th "winter" storm?

    Had 2.5" yesterday, but 3.5" two yrs ago on the exact same day! I'd like to thing we're done, but???
  2. April 2018 General Discussion

    2.5" yesterday for mby in Marshall. Bulk of it hitting with 2 pound-town cells 2 hrs apart in the evening. Calm winds and 1/8 mi vis. Pretty certain I've never seen that before. Was raining Cotton Balls as I came home about 6:30
  3. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Timing the tulips with the festival is always a dice toss. In recent times, they often bloom before the actual festival but this may be the 1 in 6 yrs when they don't, or even the 1 in 12 yrs that they're late. City of Holland or tourism beaureau has a live web-cam on a sample plot of tulips so you can monitor the progress. Can't change it ofc, but at least you know what to expect. Before the web, it was a real crap shoot to know when to make the trip? Regardless, great city/region and you can't help but have a good time.
  4. The March Lion Storm

    Sheesh! of all the times for them to go bold with the purple..
  5. The March Lion Storm

    Nothing I posted implied that, just fun to see weenie runs with 12-15" over yby. Other maps have 1-3/2-4 which my instincts say is much more realistic
  6. The March Lion Storm

    Short Rangers are coughing up some weenie runs across SMI, especially for mby
  7. The March Lion Storm

    Day-n-a-half ago, it had nearly a foot for mby..
  8. The March Lion Storm

    Euro hangs tough with 2-3 for Marshall..just what I'm looking for tbh
  9. The March Lion Storm

    Will add here that every time we've had these long warm interludes during this cold season, they've ended very abruptly, and usually with something dynamic and snowy. So, this would continue that theme imho
  10. The March Lion Storm

    What'd it hit during Sandy? I think that was also a similar ideal situation iirc? I remember the beach sand here in St. Joseph being blown into massive drifts..
  11. The March Lion Storm

    Considering The Crib hit 57 mph gust with Sunday morning's CF, don't see why not?
  12. The March Lion Storm

    Euro 12z gets me my 2" of +SLOP on my deck - perfect
  13. The March Lion Storm

    Yeah, can't imagine the Motor City Magnet being denied by any system within an arm's reach
  14. The March Lion Storm

    LoL @ these models groping in the dark when there's any bit of tricky phasing involved around here..
  15. The March Lion Storm

    My grid up to 80% likely RN->SN for later Thursday. Going to be all about the ever-elusive dynamical cooling. I just want/need 1.6" to hit a solid 5 feet on the season so my bar is not that high for this lol