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  1. It's that guy that rarely reports. I don't think he's on here tbh. Shocking that because I left, Canton out-snowed mby, lol
  2. Snow on snow (drifts) for me up here. Way to ring in the springtime!
  3. Deedler's article stated that in his opinion, the depth likely peaked at 28" sometime in the early hours on the 5th or 6th, but then the SLP curved sharply north running up over KLAN (which didn't exist yet ofc), turning the snowstorm into a +RN event in Detroit dropping the depth by the time they took their official measurements at 7 am.
  4. Not THAT much. I was in Marshall nearly 20 yrs (02-21), then Metro Detroit 2.5 yrs. I could stay here just fine and hopefully will. Middle of the Mitt and basically everything within a few hrs drive (or less).
  5. New Years Eve. Yeah, surprisingly good score for DTW. Big month here as well with 31.7"
  6. I guess now that I left Canton, it decided to snow there again. Ofc
  7. Solid snow this evening making for another dicey commute. X-way was the worst. Estimating 2-3 inches fell right around 31-32F. Nice to see b4 the warm RN up next. This was a fun stretch considering the ENSO backdrop.
  8. That's what I arrived home in. Had to stop by the super market and noticed everybody was letting their cars just run and wipers on delay so they didn't have to have a frozen windshield to deal with when they came out. I joined the party and left mine running too. First time for that. So glad I did.
  9. APX mentioned we are getting EC style system during this Nino with up to 4"/hr rates with help from Huron. I had 2+/hr here and look to be easily at 8" so far. Backside fluff will likely be the lesser 1/3 of the total, same as with the Tue-Wed system.
  10. DTX mentioned that temps aloft may end up 1-2 degrees Celsius lower than expected. It may be just enough to help in some marginal scenarios.
  11. Perhaps Detroit proper got screwed a bit which seems common with the stronger storms tracking near there, but other areas west in The Mitt were pummeled.
  12. 1917-18 was an historic cold and snowy winter for the OHV/S. Lakes. I think there was a substantial snow pack already when that hit. Much like the 78 bliz, impacts were magnified across SMI and OH. And just like 78, it wasn't forecast to bomb-out to Huron, but to take a more typical path eastward. It also may be one, if not the first storm where rescuing stranded motorists (yes in their state of the art Model T's) was a modern day phenomenon that made newspaper articles.
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