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  1. TOR warning at the airport in Dallas shortly ago. Apparently confirmed. Not sure of strength/size tho.
  2. I just like the theme. Systems strengthening in our sub. West and eastward too. That run may be the old GooFuS doing it's thing, but there have been a lot of wound-up storms already, and most, other than the MT and ND bliz's haven't really even had cold air infusion going for them. I think it's a good sign going forward.
  3. /\ on 2nd thought, maybe things won't even wait til Nov?
  4. NHemi Snowcover is like 2SD's above avg, and Canada looks to fill-up rapidly with snow in the next couple weeks. Won't be much to put the brakes on an early onset of that. Get ready! Cohen's blog today mentioning a slight perturbation of the PV last week of October and the CFS has a very eastern trough look for Nov. Last Nov here was no. 3 all-time for snow, with no. 1 all-time just a few miles to my west. I thought we'd get back to dull boring Nov's per the norm this year. Not so sure about that now.
  5. Bound to happen sooner than later. Can't keep up the non-stop flooding forever. Also, can't buy a balanced stretch of wx. It's gotta go flipping extreme one direction then the other. My 2 cents fwiw
  6. I love that map and have spent hours confirming that it's pretty damned accurate all things considered. Cool find. Thx for re-sharing the link that got lost when my pc died unexpectedly.
  7. It's a noteworthy trend that many of these storms are acting much like the biggies in 77-78 which was a weak Nino. Strong storms at peak intensity stalling, looping, drifting, etc. No low solar to blame back then tho, which we have going on right now aiding high-lat blocking. It's uncanny and hopefully continues into winter.
  8. Yes to all above. As you said, ground-zero for that storm was more or less in the middle between this year's two pre-season beasts. 2013 had the most extensive early snow cover build-up of the past couple decades. 2019 is in 2nd or 3rd place to date, but may be on a roll. Could we catch, or even surpass 2013 over the next month? "Don't touch that dial.."
  9. That chilly morning in the 30s this week triggered some color finally. Tough to get good shots with all the rain today but snagged a couple decent ones.
  10. Denver went from 82F late yesterday afternoon to 21F and snowing at 7am. Stuff of yore right there my friends.
  11. Back then, I followed winter wx (in winter). I don't remember hearing or seeing anything on news the night before about snow. When I stepped out the morning to moderate snow falling on a stiff easterly wind I thought maybe I'd slept 2 months away overnight. It had the feel of Dec 19th. This was in SEMI where Oct snows are rare beyond a flurry or brief shsn.
  12. I don't subscribe to the cookie-cutter version he touts either. I do however feel strongly that each cold season has a certain syncopation that sets up during late Sept/early Oct as the PV begins to strengthen and the Jet comes to life. This rhythm maintains it's beat throughout the cold season, but the location obviously will vary as the action zone works it's way from northern lat's on southward as we go deeper into the season.
  13. 37F here this morning. Not exactly summer but I think we narrowly missed a true frosting on our pumpkins.
  14. Some nice things on the table going forward thru this month of transition, that's for sure. A few tidbits from Lezaks blog this morning on this upcoming storm and this years LRC. There is a strong cold front, and it is well defined. Last year the fronts over the plains were rarely well defined, and certainly nothing like this. The temperature contrast is from the 20s to the 90s. It will be fun to show this on NBC tonight on KSHB, 41 Action News. The upper level storm system is unlike anything we have seen in years. Oh, there have been upper lows that have ripped out of the Rocky Mountains, but nothing like this one, and the waves rotating around the storm are so different than anything we experienced a year ago. There is one wave rotating around the base of the storm as you can see below. This wave will help produce the energy for a few severe thunderstorms, and there is a risk from the SPC And, another wave is forecast to rotate around the main storm that will produce a potential band of rain and thunderstorms in the colder air north and west of the front. This must be watched to see if this exists in other storm systems this winter. It likely will, but lets see it happen first.
  15. A CF brought some's a start