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  1. So, you're saying 2" now not 1"?
  2. To the bolded - could not have said it better! Ofc, mby is one of those way inland locales that got the LES the shoreline normally rakes in, so that's the single item that I'm not able to agree with, lol. I do agree that Josh's place has had way too much of yby's snow though. And it's not just been this year.
  3. That's insane, and it'd get to anyone who even remotely likes snow/winter! Don't have words for your situation..just unreal stretch
  4. Sun and snow, oh my! Great shot
  5. Last time I checked my total was almost an eve split Whereas 70/30 is prolly more typical. DTW's had more synoptic snow in nearly every event so far.
  6. ..which includes Jan '99
  7. Appreciate your attitude from where you're sitting. 5.3" total here is right up there on the "event leader" score board from what I've seen listed. Marshall's been screwed a ton by clippers in recent years, so this kinda balances things a bit. ;-)
  8. Congrats on the shared jack-zones (one for you, one for me) and the lucky thread!
  9. M1.6 in Marshall in just over an hour. More nice reports out there this eve NWUS53 KGRR 310116 LSRGRR PRELIMINARY LOCAL STORM REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE GRAND RAPIDS MI 816 PM EST MON JAN 30 2017 ..TIME... ...EVENT... ...CITY LOCATION... ...LAT.LON... ..DATE... ....MAG.... ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE.... ..REMARKS.. 0739 PM SNOW 3 W HOWARD CITY 43.40N 85.53W 01/30/2017 M2.0 INCH MONTCALM MI PUBLIC REPORTED IN 45 MINUTES. && $$ HOVING
  10. At least 1.5" here in less than 90 mins! Still coming down decent attm
  11. Initial GRR map has mby in the sweet spot. A rarity of late with clippers. Good things going for this imho. Track, baro, moisture perhaps even a little lake boost on the backside. Just nice to not be on the sidelines of a synoptic event. Might even be some jack-zone lollies when all is said and done.
  12. This captures at least some of the follow-on LES (thru 1/28/78) over SWMI for the 2nd Mega-storm