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  1. Which event are you calling the Super Clipper? Nvrmnd, Jan 22 right? Unfortunately I was not in Marshall then and missed it. One of the better storms over here even.
  2. holy shit! With all the dust continuing (mixing w/smoke) the scenes are like something out of a day after tomorrow film. Worst travel nightmare right there.
  3. That used to mean WEED @Jackstraw would be reaching out
  4. Another sh*t spring day but not a UP sh*t spring day. That's tomorrow
  5. He's off wrt 5th in a row, but only 2017 jumps out as memorably AN in a dozen. So in a way that data set rather backs up his complaint. This may end up 2nd best but after SHSN all week and Freeze Warns in a row, it will be challenging to remember the great week of April.
  6. The only upside to this cold spell is that it has stunted the rapid progress of spring at a nice period here in SEMI to extend bloom time which always passes too quickly.
  7. I lived in the Northland then. Was the longest winter ever for me personally and greatest holiday snow depth (40") imby ever. With family up riding sleds at Christmas it was truly the stuff of white dreams. Now, without any of that in play, it would be an absolute nightmare, lol.
  8. Bushes and smaller trees getting leafs already today, and we've really only had that one hot day at 77F. Kinda surprised tbh
  9. Nickels or smaller - don't need my ride dented up
  10. You remember Palm Sunday of '65? I thought that had an F4 up to E. Lansing area.
  11. In S. Haven Sunday pm and noticed an entire front of a home had daffodils in full bloom. Was quite the sight. Meanwhile, not too far north: And the Yoop keeps getting deeper and deeper. There's always a gradient ofc this time of year, but seems exaggerated this year. Thinking severe season gonna be legit for a change.
  12. The two extremes here and just 2 years apart. Like Christmas '82 vs '83. Just weird how nature likes doing that around this corner of the globe.
  13. Interesting. If you add 100 yrs to each, you get a group of some of the colder winters.
  14. So the Nina has again delivered for SWMI but with even less staying power than 07-08. Wild how the lake has helped you hit such high totals over there. Across SMI west to east looks like AN->N->BN for seasonal snowfall.
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