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  1. Noice. Playing political scab in the midst of a tragedy. Should be ashamed of yourself! A pair of good thoughts you shared. Thx As for the NY'ers dying at home, I think many folks that might otherwise go into a hospital haven't due to any number of reasons. (you make your list) My bro-in-law recently passed at home, not in a hospital because that's where he wanted to spend his final hours, in familiar surroundings with fam, pets, etc. Even per this post, the "test" may be finding COVID-19 in everybody, and being listed as cause of death without any deeper understanding. Not saying the tests are phony, but the Italian's own gov't medical officer has been hushed for saying that in his professional opinion, only about 12% of their cases were strictly the virus, and not folks with 1 or more prior conditions complicating the matter. Personally, I'd like to get my life/liberties/future/hope/income and sense of normalcy back. The sooner the better. The post regarding suicides is legit. So too, is how many people will have died due to strokes and heart attacks and such because they couldn't get treatment or chose to stay away from the trauma centers. Have fun tracking this everyone. I'm moving on..
  2. Thankfully no hail here, but still a legit storm. The duration of the howling wind/rain combo was impressive as it's been several years of mostly misses in this immediate locale. We did get that hailer last year, but it came without much else. I was in the shower that day and missed most of it tbh. Pretty high returns bordering on extreme just to my west
  3. Don't need any more hassles right now from the wx dept. but severe warned I am.. Severe Thunderstorm Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning MIC025-077-080245- /O.NEW.KGRR.SV.W.0016.200408T0113Z-200408T0245Z/ BULLETIN - IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED Severe Thunderstorm Warning National Weather Service Grand Rapids MI 913 PM EDT Tue Apr 7 2020 The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids has issued a * Severe Thunderstorm Warning for... Calhoun County in south central Michigan... Kalamazoo County in southwestern Michigan... * Until 1045 PM EDT. * At 913 PM EDT, severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from near Hastings to 7 miles north of Paw Paw, moving southeast at 40 mph. HAZARD...Golf ball size hail and 60 mph wind gusts. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...People and animals outdoors will be injured. Expect hail damage to roofs, siding, windows, and vehicles. Expect wind damage to roofs, siding, and trees.
  4. Somehow, COVID's managed to kick Pneumonia to the curb..
  5. Can't wait to see all the boarded-up strip malls and shops on main street USA as brick-n-mortar is dealt a death blow. Most of 'em were living on borrowed time as it was..
  6. 3 confirmed cases/patients at the hospital down the street. This per my neighbor who works in their IT dept. (from home now ofc) I try to do my shopping in the county north of mine where there's only 5 cases and zero deaths. @Jackstraw Yeah, the country drive is another good reason I shop "away" from my home town, it gets me out of the house a little longer, and offers a small sense of normalcy amidst this bad situation.
  7. Sadly, due to a very unfortunate industrial connection with other hardest hit regions of the globe, we are seeing our "safest state in the union" moniker getting tattered, torn, and pummeled by COVID-19.
  8. Pure Michigan! Traditionally a good place to live and this stat from the state's COVID-19 site confirms one of the victims indeed had a good long life.
  9. Per this article, other nations, even in crowded Asia are having far better success in keeping in-hospital care givers from contracting the virus after helping those needing care. Could our lack of simple hygiene practices be an Achilles's Heal here in the US?
  10. Hmm. I never remember hearing about the great pandemic shut-down of '57. Only heard that they blamed the flop of the Edsel on an unfortunate timing with a recession that year.
  11. at that girl gnawing on that bat, even if it is dead! Never been a "fear factor" guy. Kinda weak in the stomach for that stuff. Never understood what some folks found appealing about fish eyes either? If I were in a real life, stranded out in nature starvation scenario, I'd prolly just expire versus eating grubs, worms, etc to make it.
  12. Incorrect. A contemplator of conspiracies, maybe Wasn't a "blame place". Plus, I've read/perused so many articles/links/tweets on COVID-19 the past few days I literally couldn't remember/find that particular article. (Shoulda figured someone would ask in here tho) You win the "astuteness award". Many sites have theories on how/why all this started, who's really behind it, what the "end game" is all about? Several good ones have been put forth, which makes getting to the bottom of it all the more difficult. I will say this much. There's always a "story behind the story". Did anyone know that Wuhan is the location of the only laboratory in China authorized and tasked with the study of all the deadliest known viruses (including samples of Ebola)? Some say COVID-19 may have been an accidental release from that lab due to lacks safety precautions. Others will tell you more like it was an "intentional accident". Others think maybe one or more rogue elements of our own government made it happen during/after the recent World Military Games hosted by Wuhan. IF indeed there's merit to the claim that it's 600% more harmful to Asian males the fact it started in China may connect some dots. Ofc, we'll likely never know the whole truth since this world is built on the exact opposite principle. Show me a govt that tells the "whole truth, nothing but the truth. so help you.."
  13. Not only does this hit males much worse, it's said that this is 600% more deadly for asian males!
  14. Here in Marshall, H1N1 took the life of a very healthy 21 yr old son of local pastors. Former captain of our football team and in about as good of shape as one can be. Woke up one night feeling poorly so they went into the hospital. Was gone just 2 days later. How merciless these viruses can be!