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  1. More like a rare "day of" storm warning bust for many NWS offices. Worst seen in decades!
  2. Running -4F around here 2/3 of the way through. That must've been for yby's
  3. Y'all west of the lake don't even know what gloom is. Bonafide rookies lol
  4. 00-01 and 05-06. Two ultimate examples of winter terminating post-December
  5. Totally get the jaded part but I can post numerous pre-season outlooks including WxBell's showing '13-14 to be a cold/snowy winter for our region.
  6. In other words...siding with Bastardi lol
  7. Windchills feeling brutal in the Plains for sure
  8. This is drastic? Look west young man..there you will see the true meaning of the word. 0.9" overnight. Perfect
  9. It's the Chinese export that just keeps on giving. Was unemployed by COVID. Now I'm employed by COVID. As The World Turns..
  10. Another 1/2"+ since Tue evening. 69F and steady drizzle attm. Calling dry conditions on the surface ended. However, yesterday I passed a local pond that I was shocked to see dried up. It normally has 12-18" of standing water and you will often see a Blue Heron stalking frogs there. Its definitely been a dry stretch combined with enough heat to make hostile growing conditions. Glad its ending!
  11. Cutting my grass after Friday's rainstorms put an end to the dustiness. There was so much leaf drop it felt like autumn had set in. Just a ton of brown ones confirming the dryness of this month.
  12. That is NUTS! Even i scored 0.8-1.0" based on reports/radar. Won't end dryness but sure better than another whiff
  13. We had that here a few years back. I watched several 80% T-storm likely forecasts in a row just go "poof
  14. Heads-up Ottowa County...looks like your number's up